Embracing Our Tradition and Future

Israel is complex, conflicting and sometimes polarizing – but it is always central to our global Jewish identity and a cornerstone of the Baltimore Jewish community. We have taken a bold new step in engaging our leadership and community in dialogue, education and connection about Israel through the newly-formed Insight Israel Forum.

Now in its fourth year, the Forum, the first in the country, provides opportunities for Jewish Baltimore to enhance its knowledge, understanding and relationship to Israel. Community leaders grapple with evolving ideas of Israel and how it factors into their Jewish identity, social activism and current events. The Forum’s flexible approach, interactive format and group learning methodology effectively integrate technology and communication.

As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks zt”l, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom remarked, “The greatest single antidote to violence is conversation, speaking our fears, listening to the fears of others, and in that sharing of vulnerabilities discovering a genesis of hope.”

Questions? Contact Sarah Jacobs at sjacobs@associated.org or 410-369-9210.

Insight Israel Forum

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