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We believe that the fight against antisemitism is a collective responsibility that transcends individual communities. Antisemitism is not merely a Jewish issue; it’s a reflection of societal intolerance. By turning a blind eye to it, we inadvertently grant society a broader license to harbor hatred. We urge every individual to care about combatting antisemitism, contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and caring community.

Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah

Hear from students at The John Carroll High School, a Catholic preparatory school in Bel Air, MD, as they talk about the impact of Lessons of the Shoah, an annual Holocaust program for public and private school students. They reflect on how this transformative program impacted their perspectives of hate. 

Beth H. Goldsmith visits Goucher and Maryland Hillels, both funded by The Associated, to talk with staff and students about what is happening on college campuses.

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