Report An Antisemitic Event

Have you experienced or observed an antisemitic incident? If so, The Associated, the Baltimore Jewish Council and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) want to hear about it. The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore and the Baltimore Jewish Council, have partnered with the ADL, a leading anti-hate organization committed to stopping the defamation of the Jewish people and to securing justice and fair treatment to all, to establish a tracking system to monitor incidents of antisemitism in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. People who have experienced verbal comments, antisemitic symbols or other forms of antisemitism are encouraged to report the incident. Fill out the form on ADL’s website and the Baltimore Jewish Council will be notified.

Together we will track and combat these incidents as we learn about them.

You can play an important role in fighting antisemitism by reporting any anti-Jewish rhetoric or acts that you experience or witness.


What should be reported?

  • Any incidents occurring in our community should be reported, such as direct messages on social media, incidents and confrontations. No incident should go unreported.
  • If you are unsure that what just occurred was an antisemitic incident, it is always better to report it. We will look at the report and make the determination.
  • If the incident takes place on social media, please take a screenshot of the antisemitic text, making sure that the screen name of the post is visible.

Should I contact the police if I have experienced an antisemitic act?

  • The police should be notified whenever there is a crime committed such as a physical or assault or vandalism.
  • Call 911 if you are in danger or have experienced a hate crime.
  • Once you have reported to the police and feel that you are out of danger, click on this link to access the ADL form for reporting to report the incident.

Who can file a report?

  • Any member of the community can go on our website to report incidents.
  • These reports will be kept anonymous, and details will only be shared with our partners or law enforcement if needed.

Why is it important to report incidents?
There are many reasons why it is important to report these incidents. Reporting:

  • Empowers every member of our community to feel that what they are experiencing is not going to go unnoticed.
  • Allows us to have a better understanding of what the current situation is in our community.
  • Gives us more tools to talk to our law enforcement partners, elected officials and other faith partners.
  • Gives us a better chance to apply for security grants. Security grants require a chronology of incidents. Having better data gives us a better chance to obtain those grants.
  • Is the right thing to do.

We cannot stress it enough: when in doubt, it is better to report.
To submit a report, or email the Baltimore Jewish Council at

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