J Camps Inclusion Program

Give Every Kid The Gift of Camp

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J Camps Inclusion Program

Give Every Kid The Gift of Camp

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J Camps Inclusion Program Gives Every Child the Chance TO BE ME

As one of the only camps in the region in which campers with disabilities are fully integrated into the day camp program, J Camps is a model for inclusion.

Through The Associated’s Annual Campaign, J Camps Inclusion Program gives the gift of camp to every child. Everyone benefits when everyone can participate.

“This was an AMAZING experience for my son and us as a family. It was the first camp experience where we felt he was properly supported. Allowing him to have a fun, safe and flexible camp experience has been such an enormous joy and relief for our entire family.”

Everyone Deserves the Gift of Camp

For decades, the JCC has offered the gift of day camp to children with disabilities. This welcoming environment builds self-esteem and social skills and creates a sense of belonging. Over the years, the program has led to lasting friendships among campers of all abilities.

Hear Their Stories

Hear from two campers and one counselor about why J Camps Inclusion Program is so vital to campers of all abilities and how it has impacted their lives.

The J Camps Inclusion Program bunks campers with their typical peers and allows them to participate in all camp activities, from swimming to sports to arts and crafts and so much more. They are paired on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis with specially trained staff who are overseen by our Inclusion department. 

Meet Hannah and Haley

An amazing friendship and a future career path were all fostered during a special summer at J Camps. The Inclusion program brought two young girls together, forming a special relationship that ultimately changed their lives.

We’re One of A Kind.

J Camps Inclusion Program is made possible thanks to The Associated’s Annual Campaign

Every camper enrolled in J Camps Inclusion Program has an inclusion advocate who works with one or two children to support them in their bunk. Counselors are specially trained to ensure a successful and special summer experience.

Inclusion campers participate in all bunk activities, including instructional and free swim, sports activities, ziplining and arts and crafts.

 J Camps is the only Jewish camp program in the region to provide a fully integrated inclusion day camp program.


Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Contact Helene Rapaport at 410.559.3613 or inclusion@jcc.org.

By donating to The Associated’s Annual Campaign, your funding will help support J Camps Inclusion Program, ensuring that children of all abilities enjoy a fun, meaningful and successful summer camp experience that leads to lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.

J Camps Inclusion supports campers with a variety of different needs that vary each summer. Some of the most common disabilities supported are children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, ADHD, MS, MD and developmental delays.

While the individual number of campers vary each summer, approximately 3%-5% of our camp community are a part of our inclusion program.

The program costs $100 extra (on top of regular camp fees) per week for a camper to participate in our inclusion program. This only covers a portion of the salary of camper advocates. We rely on funds from The Associated to continue running this incredible program.

At J Camps, we strive to include people of all abilities and offer inclusion services across most of our camping platform. We ask for IEP, BIP or any other official documents as well as our inclusion questionnaire to determine what accommodations are needed to ensure campers receive LRE (least restricted environment) according to their needs.

Campers in our inclusion program are provided the opportunity to ride buses as long as staffing can be secured to provide them with additional support, if needed, on the bus.

J Camps inclusion staff have a variety of backgrounds. We employ teachers, special educators, college students studying in the field of special education as well as high school junior and seniors who have an interest in working with special needs children. Those students are provided with training prior to the summer.

After you fill out the form, the Inclusion Director meets with every camper and family using documentation such as IEPs, BIPs, etc. and our inclusion questionnaire to determine the accommodation(s) needed at camp to ensure campers have a successful summer. Support is determined on a personal basis for each camper. There are eligibility requirements to ensure safety in our program

Give Every Child the Gift of Camp

Your Gift Benefits Campers of All Abilities