Gifts of Stock

If you have the stock certificates in your possession, you can deliver the stock certificate(s) along with a completed Stock Power and a Letter of Intent to The Associated. The Letter of Intent should state your intention to make a gift of the specific shares being tendered. For example, your Letter of Intent might read: “I hereby am delivering to and making a gift of (XX) shares of XYZ Corporation to The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, Inc. as a charitable gift.”

Please send shares electronically to:
Muriel SiebertNational Financial Svcs. LLC
Account Name: Assoc. Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Account #: CXT-521531DTC #: 0226

Please send shares electronically to:

Call The Associated with stock transfer details.

Before making your gift of securities to The Associated, please contact Peggie Kuehlman:, 410-369-9218 or Linda Gendin:, 410-369-9247. Let them know the date, stock name and the number of shares. Providing notice prior to donating stock to The Associated makes it possible to credit and acknowledge your gift in a timely fashion.

Beginning November 15, 2015, Muriel Siebert will charge a $14.95 commission on each trade that is handled through this account.

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