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Our endowments are our root system; it helps us stay strong as we grow, innovate and expand our reach. 

Donors to the Annual Campaign of $25,000 and above, have an opportunity to designate their gift to one  of five Centennial endowment funds.

People In Need Fund

At the core of The Associated’s mission is lifting up those living in vulnerable situations. We ensure that all Jews have a place to turn when life gets difficult, when circumstances change or when health becomes a challenge.

The projections are striking. The number of people in need will increase by thousands in the next decades. We will employ creativity, expertise and pragmatism to enhance current programs and will need to design new solutions for added challenges.

Jewish Continuity Fund

The next generation of Jews begins with the children of today. Young people in Jewish Baltimore are proud of their ancestry and are looking for ways to find meaning and make a difference. Our challenge, however, is that only a small percentage say they feel it is important to be part of the Jewish community. We will create and sustain high-quality, impactful opportunities to attract our young adults, emerging leaders and families.

Growing Connections to Israel Fund

Israel is integral to our identity as a Jewish people. A strong connection and appreciation for Israel helps us maintain our Jewish identity and sense of community. Less than half of Jewish Baltimore feels that connection to our homeland. We will create a powerful relationship with Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel), through travel, or by engaging in immersive Israel programs here in Baltimore, we will bridge the distance.

Mobilizing Jewish Values Into Action Fund 

Tikkun olam (repair the world) and gemilut hasadim (acts of loving-kindness) are deeply rooted in Jewish values. We feel obligated to care for the community around us – where we live, work and play.  We will continue to create meaningful opportunities to improve our community in Baltimore and around the world.

The Centennial Fund

The Associated’s financial future and the future of Jewish Baltimore are forever linked. Our resources must expand to meet the evolving realities and forecasted changes. By growing a general endowment fund, together we will transform The Associated’s financial stability, which will allow us to be nimble and to respond to the needs of Jewish Baltimore and beyond. 

For more information about our five endowment funds, contact Allison Baumwald at or 410-369-9252.

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