Making a Solid Investment to Secure Our Future

We maintain our investments through our business arm, the Associated Jewish Charities, and manage the Jewish Community Investment Fund (JCIF). The JCIF is a commingled investment fund comprised of Associated endowments, foundations and donor-advised funds, as well as investments of numerous organizations and foundations.

The JCIF is managed by our Investment Management Committee, a team of 25 volunteer leaders with extensive investment expertise. Led by Ira Malis and aided by an executive committee and four sub-committees, the Committee is responsible for review and oversight. Day-to-day operations are handled by our professional staff and aided by investment advisor, Fund Evaluation Group, and custodian, Wilmington Trust. The JCIF is audited annually by RSM US LLC.

For more information, contact Michael Dye, Vice President – Investments at 
or call 410-369-9213.

IMC Members
Ira Malis, Chair
Bruce Hoffberger, AJC President
Robert Bank                    
Marc Blum                      
Ralph Brunn                    
David Citron, Chair 4th sub-committee
Howard Cohen               
Anna Dreyer, Chair-elect 3rd sub-committee
Ira Gansler, Vice-Chair – 3rd
Jill Gansler                       
Michael Glick, Vice-Chair – 4th
Kim Golden, Co-Chair 2nd sub-committee
Jay Gouline
David Greenberg, Past-Chair       
Ned Halle, Co-Chair 2nd sub-committee
Fritzi Hallock                   
Dan Hirschhorn              
Jacob Hodes, Vice-Chair – 4th
Skip Klein                         
Traci Lerner                     
Larry Macks                    
Michael Myers               
P.J. Pearlstone, Vice-Chair – 3rd
Brian Penn, Vice-Chair – 1st
Frank Rosenberg, Chair – 3rd sub-committee
Robert Russel, Audit Chair
Pete Sachs                       
Louis Thalheimer           
Mitchell Whiteman       
Morry Zolet, Chair 1st sub-committee

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