Funding Opportunities

While our Annual Campaign provides a strong safety net, the needs during these times are outstripping our ability to respond. By funding one or more of the needs on the list, you can make a difference.

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Spring 2024 Funding Opportunities

Combating Antisemitism

Since the post-World War II era, the fight against antisemitism within our community has never been more critical. Addressing the rise in antisemitism was a priority for The Associated well before October 7 and has become even more urgent as we see hate aimed at Jewish people and Jewish institutions increasing exponentially across the globe. Below are ways you can invest to help counter antisemitism:

1. Corporate Antisemitism Briefings ($500)

To battle antisemitism, an important strategy is to better educate both the Jewish community, and the broader community across the Baltimore region. This involves teaching what antisemitism is, the root causes of antisemitic actions and beliefs, and how antisemitism fits into the broader context of hate in our society. Briefings have been requested by many companies and organizations since October 7, and the Baltimore Jewish Council has responded to this need by providing relevant information and a platform for discussion. Funding will support one corporate briefing session.
Baltimore Jewish Council

2. Israel Education on Campus ($800)

The Baltimore Hillels facilitate Israel education programming like the Israel learning fellowship, Kol Yisrael, that empowers college students to explore diverse perspectives on Israel and respond to anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric. Funding will underwrite a Kol Yisrael session on one of the four local campuses.
Baltimore Hillels

3. Making Sense for Students ($1,000)

The Jewish Library of Baltimore is collaborating with Jewish Community Services (JCS), Jewish Educational Services (JES), and the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC) to offer an educational experience about the war in Israel for students in independent and public schools. The goal is to offer opportunities for schools to be supportive of their students during these challenging times and provide primary resources and books on the current situation in Israel. Funding will support an interactive session at one of the participating schools.
Jewish Library of Baltimore

4. One Park Heights ($700)

In countering antisemitism, dialogue and coalition-building with other communities is a priority. The One Park Heights initiative does just that. It forges new alliances and brings together nonprofit and faith-based organizations and leaders to build understanding and unity in the diverse community of Park Heights. The Taste of Northwest is one of the signature events of the One Park Heights initiative. This family-friendly outdoor festival brings together Baltimore City and County residents of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Funding will help underwrite the cost of the Taste of Northwest festival.
CHAI and Baltimore Jewish Council

5. Resources for Combatting Antisemitism ($500)

The Jewish Library of Baltimore is seeking to enhance its collection by purchasing new books and resources related to antisemitism. Funding will support the purchase of new books for the library.
Jewish Library of Baltimore

6. Safe and Secure Community Facilities ($1,000)

Following October 7th and the alarming spike in antisemitic events globally, The Associated and the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC) have worked closely with local law enforcement and the Secure Community Network to implement additional security measures in our community to ensure Jewish Baltimore’s safety. The Associated underwrites a Director of Security to work with Associated facilities, serve as a liaison with local and national law enforcement and consult with all faith-based institutions in the Baltimore Region to ensure security measures are in place. The Associated also provides funding for security personnel across its six campuses to ensure the safety of visitors and staff to its facilities. Funding will help to offset the cost of security personnel.
The Associated

7. Shabbat Dinner on Campus ($1,000)

There has been a 700% increase in antisemitic incidents on campuses in the seven weeks following October 7. The four Baltimore Hillels are proactively creating additional opportunities for students to come together as a community. This has included vigils, Shabbat meals, educational programs, volunteering, and opportunities for reflection. Safe spaces and opportunities to process emotions, questions, and concerns with Hillel professionals is another way students are supported on campus. Funding will underwrite a Shabbat dinner at one of the four local campuses.
Baltimore Hillels

8. Speaker Training for Descendants of Holocaust Survivors ($500)

The Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC)’s Holocaust Remembrance Commission is partnering with Teach the Shoah to train the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to tell their family stories through BJC’s Holocaust Survivors Speakers Bureau, ensuring that Holocaust testimony can continue to be shared in schools and throughout the community beyond the last generation of survivors. Funding will cover the cost of training for one descendant.
Baltimore Jewish Council

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