Funding Opportunities

At the one-year mark of the war in Ukraine, The Associated’s Baltimore-Odesa Partnership continues to support our friends and colleagues in Odesa, assessing community needs as they develop. Additional funding will help The Associated address the following needs:

By funding one or more of the needs on the list, you can make a difference.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Klein at 410-369-9278 or

Odesa Ukraine, Spring 2023

Funding Opportunities

1. Respite for Children – $1,000

Recognizing the need for children to have a respite from daily life, JAFI is continuing its spring and summer Jewish camps in Odesa. The children will play with old and new friends and learn about Jewish traditions in a fun camp environment. The counselors are receiving special trauma-focused mental health training to prepare them to support the children, many of whom are anxious about leaving their families during these uncertain times. The Associated

2. Ukrainian PJ Library Books – $650

Each month, PJ Library sends Jewish books to families with young children around the world. Many families in Ukraine do not want to provide their addresses out of safety concerns, so distribution methods have changed to include the option of picking up books. The books and resource materials are being translated into Ukrainian for families who no longer want to share Russian books with their children. The Associated

3. Activities for Teens – $750

Odesa’s Active Jewish Teens (AJT) is a Jewish youth group that engages teens in Jewish learning and social activities while promoting a culture of volunteerism, a relatively new phenomenon in Eastern Europe. Over the past year, AJT has continued to meet and address vital needs in the Odesa Jewish community, such as delivering food and holiday gifts to homebound older adults and leading programs for younger children. Many of the participants’ parents have also started volunteering in the community. The Associated

4. Connections for Young Adults – $500

Moishe House Odesa’s three residents continue to open their home to their young adult peers throughout the community, many of whom only have power sporadically. Along with programming such as Shabbat and holiday celebrations, the home provides a place for young adults to socialize and take a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life while using the generator-powered electricity to charge phones and laptops. The Associated

5. Community Programming – $750

The two Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) in Odesa, the Migdal JCC and the Beit Grand JCC, are open and continue to provide programming and classes. From hosting holiday celebrations to providing access to generator-powered electricity for distance learning, the JCCs offer a respite from daily challenges. The Associated

6. Hunger Relief for Older Adults – $1,000

JDC provides emergency food assistance to impoverished elderly Jews across Ukraine, many of whom are homebound and isolated. The need has increased as prices have skyrocketed. In addition to food, JDC is distributing warm blankets and clothing to help older adults survive the harsh winter with limited power. The Associated

* Please note that we have updated the spelling of Odesa to reflect the Ukrainian spelling of the city as opposed to the previous Russian transliteration.

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