Now Is the Moment For All of Us
To Come Together

We’ve been through a lot over the past couple of years. Together, we navigated a global pandemic, responded to pervasive poverty and hunger, witnessed the traumatic impact of the mental health fallout of COVID-19 on our youngest generation, felt less safe in our own backyards as antisemitism, anti- Zionism and hate continued to spread, and watched in horror as a massive humanitarian crisis unfolded in Ukraine.

But our difficult days are not over and these issues are not going away. Rather, they are continuing to escalate and continuing to touch each and every one of us in our community.

Young Ukranian woman holding a baby
Participants of the Jews of Color Shabbatton


–  To be a source of comfort and care for those in need.

–  To unite Jews from different generations, backgrounds and levels of observance to celebrate our shared history.

–  To achieve a more equitable and safe society.

–  To provide a lifeline for Jews and non-Jews in distress, at home, in Israel and across the globe.

Two young women volunteering with Bunches of Lunches
We Believe That Together, Anything is Possible.

We Believe That Together, Anything is Possible.

With your support, The Associated will boldly continue to lead our Baltimore Jewish community and ensure that our world is a little better than it was before.

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Together, We Change Lives

We have been able to work across our vast network of agencies to meet the challenges we face each day. Together, we can do so much more to make our future stronger than our past.

Together, We Care For One Another

Imagine choosing between paying rent or your mortgage, buying groceries, or affording medicine. Imagine worrying about your safety every day, terrified of an abusive spouse. Imagine parenting a 14-year-old girl exhibiting self-harm. Imagine growing older alone in your home, unable to safely cook yourself a meal or get to and from a doctor’s appointment.

This is what so many in our community are facing.

Together we are providing financial assistance, food and access to healthcare. We are providing safe shelter, counseling and guidance. We are providing comfort, transportation, a friendly face and so much more.

Together, We Reimagine Jewish Life

Fewer Jews than ever before are connecting meaningfully with our Jewish community and Jewish life. The Associated network is committed to inspiring and engaging Jewish Baltimoreans of every age. Whether we are mailing Jewish books to be shared at bedtime, hosting a Chanukah celebration for young adults at a downtown bar, creating leadership development opportunities or exploring environmental sustainability through Jewish values – there’s something for everyone.

Together, we are the gateway to Jewish life for those born in Baltimore and those who have chosen to make Baltimore their home.

Teacher and Child

Together, We Strive For a Just World

In light of tragic national and international events involving antisemitism, hatred and violence, The Associated is committed to our community’s safety and security more than ever before. We are advocating for government funding to keep our institutions safe and conducting security assessments for over 100 Jewish facilities across the state. Through dialogue, conversation and action, we are building relationships with community partners and neighbors to bridge the gap between diverse individuals.

At the same time, guided by our principles of tikkun olam, we are obligated to care for the community around us – where we live, work and play. Many in our greater community suffer from food scarcity, poverty, unequal distribution of resources and racial, gender or religious discrimination.

Together we are overcoming these injustices by advocating for civil rights protections and educational, health, housing, nutrition and transportation equity.

Two boys at Pearlstone
Young people in Israel

Together, We Uplift & Connect Jews Everywhere

Our Jewish community reaches beyond Baltimore City and County lines. From the beaches in Ashkelon, Israel, to the ports in Odessa, Ukraine and everywhere in between because no matter where we live, we are all part of one global Jewish family.

Together, we are forging meaningful relationships with our Jewish homeland through travel opportunities, immersive Israel-focused programming and experiences here in Baltimore, along with individual connections with Israelis from our partner city of Ashkelon.

Working alongside our global partners, we are delivering critical aid to vulnerable populations during times of peace and times of conflict. And, where Jewish expression has been suppressed, we are rebuilding community infrastructures. We are helping Jews reconnect with their heritage and empowering the next generation of promising young Jewish leaders.

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For over 100 years, we have proven, when we have given together, we accomplish the extraordinary!

Support our 28 agencies and partners, to leverage the dollars we raise to provide life-saving humanitarian relief and groundbreaking programs for all ages. Together, we will sustain our Jewish community today and for future generations.

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Join us and give to The Associated Annual Campaign!

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