Do You Seek to Refine Your Grantmaking?

The Associated’s is introducing CO-OPERATE, a Funders’ Hub that will offer additional service to individuals, funder partnerships and foundations to assist with their strategic grantmaking not limited to The Associated system. This service extends The Associated’s holistic approach in fostering thoughtful philanthropy by assisting philanthropic individuals and families in focusing on the needs of their community or target population thereby making informed decisions on the best method with which to allocate their charitable dollars.

This select service offered by The Associated enhances a donor’s ability to effectively meet specific philanthropic goals and interests. For those Associated donors who identify a need for hiring a professional Program Officer to manage their projects, initiatives and grantmaking, The Associated will offer services to support that Program Officer. 

These services are available for a fee to funders whose annual grantmaking exceeds $100,000 annually and who are donors of at least $25,000 to The Associated. 

Your Program Officer will collaborate with Associated Funder Services and other Associated professionals to provide your foundation with:

  • Consultation and expert insights
  • Funding opportunities in both Jewish and non-Jewish non-profits 
  • Grantmaking intelligence and process development 
  • Connections and collaboration with other funders 
  • Assistance with legacy giving and philanthropic planning 
  • Investment opportunities through The Associated’s Jewish Community Investment Fund (JCIF) 
  • Tax services 

Questions? Contact Ruth Miller at or 410-369-9314

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