Connecting Jewish Young Adults and Building Community Wherever You Go

Are you in your 20’s or 30’s or know someone who is and may be living in another city or getting ready to move out of Baltimore? Exciting times ahead!

But moving to a new place can be a little daunting, especially when it comes to making friends and staying connected to the Jewish community. Well, worry no more!

We’re here to lend a helping hand. Whether you want to dive into the local Federation, explore awesome national leadership opportunities, or simply connect with other fantastic Jewish young adults in your area, consider us your go-to connection hub.

At The Associated, we’re all about building and nurturing Jewish communities, no matter where you are. So why not reach out to Ali Duhan at or give her a call at 410-369-9276? 

She’ll be more than happy to chat with you about the incredible opportunities awaiting you in your new city!

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