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Based on big dreams and a bold vision, The Centennial Campaign marks a historic opportunity for The Associated and all of Jewish Baltimore. From individuals, to families, to corporations and foundations, the generosity of these key partners provides countless opportunities for our community. They have ensured that the best days are yet to come and that The Associated can continue to lead our community for future generations.

Please join us in thanking and recognizing those who have made a lasting difference.

$15 Million and Above
Harry Weinberg Family Foundation

$10 Million and Above
The Cohen & Davison Families:
Rosalee C. and Richard S. Davison
John C. Davison

Mark & Sarah Davison  
Joanna Davison Golden
The Ben & Zelda G. Cohen Charitable Foundation
Carroll A. Weinberg and Charlotte Cohen Weinberg Foundation

$7.5 Million and Above
Nancy Hackerman
The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund, Inc.

$5 Million and Above
The Estate of Philip Levenson
Debra S. and Joseph S. Weinberg

$2 Million and Above
The Cordish Family
Genine Macks Fidler and Josh E. Fidler 
Beth H. Goldsmith  
  Goldsmith Family Foundation 
The Greenwald Family:
Joyce and Melvin* Greenwald
Benjamin K. Greenwald

The Manfred and Susan Kaufmann Memorial Philanthropic Fund  
State of Maryland
The Joseph & Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds
Pearlstone Family Fund
Alison & Arnold I. Richman
Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation Inc.
The Russel Family:
Irene and Robert C. Russel
Becky and Joshua Brenner
Ronnie and Alli Russel Charitable Foundation Inc.

The Jane Krieger Schapiro Family Foundation
Lois & Paul Volosov, Ph.D. 

$1 Million and Above
Anonymous (3) 
David H. Bernstein  
Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, Inc.
The Chesapeake Bay Trust
Dr. Gilbert H. Cullen 
Jerry and Harryette David  
Genine Macks Fidler and Josh E. Fidler
Steve and Judi Fader
Estate of Slova Gisner
Josh Goldsmith
The Hoffberger Family:
Hoffberger Family Philanthropies
The Hoffberger Foundation for Torah Study
Linda Adler Hurwitz and Steven Hurwitz
Patricia and Mark Joseph
Clara L. & Michael J. Klein  
The Philip & Harriet Klein Foundation, Inc
Lois and Alvin Lapidus 
The Frank H. Libman Family 
The Sidney Naham Family Foundation, Inc. 
Mark D. and Robin Neumann
Pacy and Bonnie Oletsky
Samuel I. Rosenberg
Benjamin S. and Margaret D. Schapiro, in memory of Daniel and Jeannette Schapiro 
Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation Inc.
Carroll A. Weinberg MD and Charlotte Cohen Weinberg Foundation

* Of Blessed Memory
~Young Adult Legacy Giver
(As of December 2019)

$500 Thousand and Above
Mickey and Bernard* Bliden
Suzanne F. Cohen*
Paula K. and Martin S. Himeles, Jr.
Ambassador Alfred H. Moses
Nancy & Morris W. Offit 
The Louis Thalheimer Family
Stuart Weinberg

$250 Thousand and Above
Dr. Emile Bendit
David Carliner & Ruthie Penn Carliner 
The Abraham J. Cohen Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mark D. Coplin
Estate of Richard G. Davis
Ronnie B. Footlick  
Herbert D. Fried* 
Wendy M. Jachman and Jeffrey H. Scherr
Susan and Douglass Kay
Julian L.* & Linda Lapides 
Brian Lazarus
The Bernard and Vivian Manekin Foundation
Estate of Claire Manne
Marilyn S. Meyerhoff
Elizabeth K. Moser
Stanley & Linda Panitz* 
Carol Press Pristoop and Allan S. Pristoop 
The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, Inc.
Irene & Bernard Siegel*
Jill & Michael Snyder 
Joel Solomon 

$100 Thousand and Above
Mickey & Lisa Abrams  
The Herbert Bearman Foundation Inc.
Barry D. & Linda F. Berman  
Stanley D. & Shirley M. Bond*   
Michael & Jessica Bronfein
Harriet and Jimmy Berg
Barry D. Berman
Howard K. & Nancy B. Cohen
Blavatt Glazer Cogan Foundation, Inc.
Erma Caplan
Robb Cohen and Dr. Gail Schwartz
Robin and Jonathan Davidov
Ronnie A. Glaser
Brian A. and Eileen S. Goldman
Greif Family Fund
Robert Frier Shelley Gitomer
Harold Grinspoon Foundation  
Hebrew Burial and Social Services Society, Inc.
Betty & Mark Helman*
Daniel & Gina Hirschhorn
Elayne A. Hurwitz
Barbara L. and Samuel K. Himmelrich Sr.
Rina L.* and Howard Janet
Louis E. Hyman 
Ann H. & Samuel S.* Kahan
G. Arnold and Linda Kaufman
Ronnie Kleiman
Stephen and Talya Knable~
Nancy and Ed Kutler
DeAnna (Dixie) Leikach
Estate of Bernard Levin
Loryn S. Lesser  
Suzanne Levin-Lapides
Frank H. Libman
Lifebridge Health
Robert & Vivian Manekin
Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Family Foundation, Inc.
Howard B. and Linda C. Miller
Betsy & Lou Narrow
Robert C. & Elissa B. Ness  
Tammie S. Plant
Amy Fedder Pollokoff and Robert Pollokoff
Estate of Agi Rado
Lorraine Raffel  
Sylvia L. Reicher*
Nina Grossbart Rosenzwog
Terry M. and James Rubenstein
Philip E. and Beryl Sachs
Carol G. Sandler
Marshall Salant
David M. Schwaber
Estates of Earle K. and Annette Shawe
Karen M. Singer 
Harel and Randi Turkel~
Ellen Wasserman
Glenn & Debbi Weinberg
Sarah and Harold Zalesch Fund, Inc.
Estate of Julius Zulver

Centennial Campaign Leadership

John C. Davison & Joseph S. Weinberg, Campaign Co-Chairs
Beth H. Goldsmith, Public Phase Chair
Terry M. Rubenstein, Recognition Chair

Centennial Campaign Cabinet

Michael Bronfein
Rosalee C. Davison
Steven B. Fader
Genine M. Fidler
Howard Friedman
Benjamin K. Greenwald
Nancy Hackerman
Daniel Hirschhorn
Linda A. Hurwitz
Mark Joseph
Nancy Kohn Rabin
Ellen Macks
Yehuda Neuberger
Mark Neumann
Richie Pearlstone
Robert Russel
J.M. Schapiro
John Shmerler
Bruce Sholk
Debra S. Weinberg

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