A Century of Growth, Change & Resilience

From the very beginning, when the Federated Jewish Charities and United Hebrew Charities merged to form the Associated Jewish Charities, now The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore, the organization has been intertwined in the fabric of our community. Our story has been the story of the last century — responding to its tragedies and triumphs — along the road to creating a secure and thriving Jewish Baltimore.

As our community grew, so did we. As the world changed, we changed with it, our work paralleling its seminal events. Together, we faced the Great Depression and the Great Recession, bonding together to make sure that our community would have the resources it needed to succeed. We faced antisemitism, stood up against discriminatory practices at home and helped Jewish refugees abroad resettle in new homes. 

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We celebrated when Israel became a state and we committed to its future. We provided for the hopes and dreams of our children — through programs like the Jewish Educational Alliance (JEA), the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YM & YWHA) and summer camp, as we fostered Jewish identity.

Guided by our Jewish values of tikkun olam (repair the world) and tzedakah (justice), we responded to our challenges, supporting our neighbors, our city, our world. 

Erica Bloom from JVC volunteering for Bunches of Lunches
Camp Woodland

Centennial Videos

Join us in a 5-part series, edited by Beth H. Goldsmith, Associated’s Chair of the Board, and Johns Hopkins, Baltimore Heritage, as we explore topics of Jewish heritage in Baltimore, immigration, helping in a time of need, role of women and justice and equity. This series was produced by Baltimore Heritage, in conjunction with The Associated. It was made possible by the generous support of PNC Bank.

community photo from Sukkah City

The Future

From the men and women who led the charge and the community who stood by us, for the past 100 years we helped write Jewish Baltimore’s history. And as we move into the next century, we will continue to respond, innovate, explore and connect to ensure our continued success.

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