Meet new friends. Do cool things.

Looking to meet new friends and build community with people who have similar interests? Join one or more of our Young Adult Division (YAD) Collectives. 

Contact Sarah Machlis at or fill out our interest form and be invited to the next meet up.

What is a Collective?

A collective is a group of young adults (ages 22-39) who gather around a shared common interest. Join up and do something you love or explore something new. 

Why should you join a collective? Because together, we collectively make our community a better place. Whether you are interested in being active, taking in local culture, or trying new foods, there is a YAD Collective for you. 

Sports and Schmooze: Active Collective

Let your energy shine through. If you’re into team sports (think “Volo kickball”) or quieting your mind through yoga, this Collective is for you. Let out your competitive side, or enjoy getting active with other young adults. 

Makers and Muses: Arts and Culture Collective

Creative minds, rejoice! If you’re into admiring others’ art or making your own, this Arts and Culture Collective is for you. Each meet up, we will either partake in different crafting activities, or explore cultural spaces around Baltimore. From seeing a new installation at Jewish Museum of Maryland to learning how to do calligraphy, there is something for everyone. 

Baltimore Foodies: Food Collective 

There truly is nothing like a bunch of Jews sitting around the table with good food and good conversation. If you’re into trying new foods or new restaurants, or you’re looking for a different Shabbat dinner experience with your peers, this Food Collective is for you. Connect with fellow foodies to share recommendations, explore new restaurants around Baltimore and try something new. 

Perfect Pairs: Couples Collective

Looking to meet other couple friends? This collective is for you! We bring together young adults looking to connect with other Baltimore couples over a great meal, a fun mixology class or through deepening your relationship with your partner.

Me, Myself and Israel: Israel Collective

Now, it is more important than ever to be in dialogue about Israel. Whether you are ready to hop on a plane to volunteer in Israel or are asking yourself “how did we get here?”, this collective offers a safe place to explore your relationship with Israel with other young adults through educational and community-oriented gatherings. Come with good intention and an open heart to this collective! We offer gatherings in partnership with Israel Insight Forum, Baltimore Jewish Council and/or Jewish Educational Services.

Helping Hands: Volunteering Collective

In partnership with Repair the World Baltimore and The Network, join other young adults looking to give back to our community. Whether it is gathering for Good Deeds Day, baking hamantaschens with purpose, or learning about the Jewish values associated with service, this collective is a great way to meet others and do good for Baltimore.

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