Two Communities⁠ – One Everlasting Bond

Through the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, we connect Baltimore Jews together with Jews in Ashkelon, Israel. Since 2003, our two communities have been intimately involved in meeting the needs of vulnerable Jews both here and there – and we are just getting started.

Ashkelon, a coastal city with almost eight miles of beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, is 44 miles from Jerusalem and 32 miles from Tel Aviv.

Our relationship provides a strong sense of Jewish peoplehood and a wonderful opportunity for us to explore our Jewish identity, volunteer and bond together overseas about issues of shared concern.

We create life-changing experiences and build meaningful relationships. People of all ages participate in joint programming including leadership development, multigenerational engagement, community immersion and cultural education.

Over the years, Baltimore and Ashkelon have become more than partners – we have become family.

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