As we sit down to the Seder on Passover this year, some of us may celebrate the holiday alone, with only those in our immediate household or perhaps virtually with our families around the world.

As we look for creative ways to continue to adapt to these challenges, here are four additional questions to consider when we ask “Why is this night different from all other nights?”

  1. On this night, what does it mean to face uncertainty? How have we as a people responded in the past? How will we respond today?
  2. On this night, how do we reach the stranger who might need to be included?
  3. On this night, how do we celebrate our freedom and how do we help those who are not yet free? What does freedom mean?
  4. On this night, how do we show gratitude for our faith, family, and the everlasting bond of the Jewish people?”

Incorporating additional Jewish learning opportunities or crafts for all ages into your Seder, sampling interesting recipes and helping your community with your time and resources are all ways that we can feel connected during Passover. Check out our comprehensive list of resources on how you can make your Passover meaningful this year.

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