Meet Sue Glick Liebman

All Jews are Responsible for Each Other

Growing up in the old Jewish neighborhood of Forest Park, surrounded by schools and shuls, Sue Glick Liebman learned early on that all Jews are responsible for each other – “Kol Yisrael areivim zeh b’zeh.”

Sue’s personal journey is a narrative of strong faith, compassion and deep connection to Israel that began as a young girl caring for family members who had survived the Holocaust.

“My parents sponsored our relatives’ immigration to the United States and worked hard to help settle them into a new life,” says Sue.“

I was always more aware of the Holocaust than people from my own generation,” shares Sue. “This shaped my life as a Jew and deepened my connection to Israel.”

Sue’s commitment and dedication to strengthening Jewish peoplehood became not only her passion but her path in life.

“From an early age I understood the need to take care of each other. I always wished I had the means to do more. This became my motivation – to grow up and become successful so I could continue to help others,” she explains.

Sue became actively involved in her synagogue, working on education projects and Jewish philanthropy which led her to The Associated, where she expanded her volunteer work to include Israel. Sue and her husband David also established the Glick Liebman Beit Midrash in the Owings Mills JCC for Jewish studies. She is proud that her children will carry on her philanthropic ambitions.

Two years ago, The Associated established The Sue Glick Liebman Visiting Israel Scholar program, to educate and deepen our community’s relationship with the people and land of Israel. This series has made an incredible impact on Jewish Baltimore, with over a dozen programs from the visiting scholar, exposing all generations to our homeland.

Sue has established an endowment at The Associated to ensure that the Baltimore Jewish community stays connected with their Jewish identities and with Israel, become more involved with the Jewish people, and ultimately, help shape vibrant Jewish life for future generations.

“The Associated is dedicated to taking care of Jews here and around the world. I fully trust that as stewards of my donations, The Associated will continue to make Jewish life better for all, long after I am gone,” Sue says.

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