Meet Stephanie Blockston

What inspired you to start volunteering?  I’ve always been into social action. A friend and I in high school used to volunteer at the Hannah Moore shelter and do fun activities with the kids there. So it has gone back years, I’ve always enjoyed doing […]

Adrian Maydanich, Enriching Jewish Identity through 4Front

Adrian Maydanich is proud of his Jewish identity. He comes from a Reform household. He attends a local Modern Orthodox school. And the blending of the two gives him a unique Jewish upbringing, one that he is glad to have. All of this culminates in […]

Ruth and Jay Lenrow: Fighting Against Antisemitism 

Let’s start at the beginning. Growing up Jewish.   Ruth: I grew up in Upper Montclair, a Northern New Jersey bedroom community of New York City. There were not many Jewish families in our town. When I was in sixth grade and my sister was in […]

2024 Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation: Israel Grants Awarded 

Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel is the only organization in Israel whose main aim is to combat sexual violence. They work at the individual and regional level to provide services and support for individual victims […]

Jamie Aaron, Third Generation Holocaust Survivor

Jamie Aaron is the Assistant Director of Towson Hillel. She is also a 3G, the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. For Jamie Aaron, the experiences of her grandfather and his escape of the Holocaust over 80 years ago through the Kindertransport, still affect her to […]

Jeanie Goldstein: Excelling as a Leader, Advocate and Parent 

Judaism: The Foundation Of It All  Growing up in Jewish Baltimore gave Jeanie an incredible sense of community and cultural appreciation from a young age. Knowing that she was surrounded by Jewish people and spaces instilled a sense of pride for both her and her […]

Jewish Community Service is Addressing Mental Health

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one to five Americans experience some sort of mental illness. Mental Health does not discriminate. It affects everyone regardless of demographic. And that is why The Associated’s Jewish Community Services (JCS) works tirelessly to improve the lives […]

Aviv Engelhart | A Book Drive Bar Mitzvah

Inspired by a book drive between The Associated and Associated Black Charities, Aviv Engelhart donated hundreds of books to a Baltimore City School.

Meet Jill Collier Silbert, Community Connector

I have been using “We Rock the Spectrum” for events because it is a sensory gym that accommodates children of all abilities. They have a ton of sensory equipment for all needs. At the last program that I hosted there numerous families came up to […]

Becoming a Teen Ambassador for Healthy Relationships 

Through this program, I have learned that domestic violence has no bounds or limits: all people of all genders and ages can fall victim to abuse. I have learned that abuse can exist in the forms of not only physical and emotional abuse but also […]