The Mental Health Crisis Hits Home

Beth H. Goldsmith, former Chair of the Board, recently sat down with industry experts within The Associated system of agencies about what is driving this mental health crisis among our younger generation and the programs our community has put in place to support our children and teens.

National Initiative to #StandUpToJewishHate 

The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore and the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC) announced today they have joined the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism as an official partner of #StandUpToJewishHate, their new national campaign to mobilize all Americans, and especially non-Jews, to combat antisemitism by using the […]

Climate Anxiety to Climate Action 

I was furious, yet as a young teenager, I felt powerless. It was as though us youth were handed this colossal issue and told, ‘We messed up. Now it’s your problem.’ Despite my deep concern and fear, I did nothing. I was paralyzed by the […]

Meet Micky Wolf, OneTable Shabbat Host

To me, Shabbat is a reminder of what truly matters in life. Connecting with good people, reflecting on our values and learnings and putting our busy lives on pause. Growing up, I was too focused on spending time with my friends and didn’t prioritize family […]

Happy 75th Birthday Israel

April 26 is the 75th Yom Ha’Atzmaut, or Israel’s Independence Day. Our Jewish homeland is full of innovation, deep history and rich culture. Over the years, Jewish Baltimore has forged a powerful connection to Israel, resulting in life-changing programming, experiences and relationships that bring our […]

11 Things you need to know about Morgan Hurwitz

2. What inspired you to want to be a leader within the Associated system? My mother-in-law is very involved within the Associated and has expressed to all of her children the importance of giving back to our community in any way that you can. She […]

We Wanted to Bring About Change 

The program is designed to empower teens to become changemakers in their community. The teens are put into small groups and prompted to identify a problem in their community and work towards solving that problem.   The Social innovation Fellowship taught us about the process of […]

Meet Brenda Footer – A Natural Relationship Builder for Jewish Baltimore

Tell us a little bit about the program. The Community Connector Program is a group of paid volunteers who engage in peer-to-peer outreach and engagement with families in the Jewish community. Comprising mostly of moms of young children, these connectors create programs and facilitate one-on-one […]

Meet Lauren Ades 

Finding Her Niche  When Lauren left to pursue her undergraduate degree at Emory University, then a law degree from New York Law School, she was not sure she would return to her hometown. That is, until she and her lifelong friend from her days at […]

Neil Katz: On the Ground in Moldova

Well, to say the least, it was quite sobering. I met with a family living in a run-down, 5th floor walk-up apartment provided to them by JDC.  Thankfully, they were safe and out of harm’s way – but they were scared and fearful of what […]