Bigger Than Just a Game

The Maccabiah Games, often referred to as the “Jewish Olympics”, takes place every four years in Israel. We caught up with Katzenberg in between practices and school to learn more about how she earned her place on the team and what it means to connect […]

Meet Nina Rosenzwog 

Fortunately, three decades of work in Ukraine have created immeasurable relationships that are helping our Odessa friends during these tumultuous times. And the fact that our overseas partners have long-standing on-the-ground networks in Ukraine is making a major difference.  We spoke with Nina about our […]

AMEN Teens Rally to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Ashkelon

The Head of Absorption, Deputy Mayor Sophie Beilin, and the staff of the Absorption Department are making every effort to assist and facilitate the immigrants – accompanying them to various government institutions, finalizing their status, providing information and making city services accessible, according to one […]

Leaving Ukraine: Former Refugee Polina Spirt’s Story 

In 1975, I too was a refugee, seeking asylum from the oppressive, antisemitic, dictatorship of the former Soviet Union regime – the difference, I was not fleeing a country under attack. Nevertheless, the anguish of leaving behind loved ones, with no money to your name, […]

Stories of Ukraine

“I am incredibly proud that The Associated and our Jewish community have mobilized in supporting those who need the kindness and resolve of a caring people,” said Associated President Marc B. Terrill in a Shabbat message earlier this month.  “Our tradition teaches us to be […]

David Speer, MIDC’s New Executive Director, on Future Directions

I have been on a listening tour since I began as Executive Director in November 2020 – meeting individually with our Board members, my colleagues at The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore, the Maryland Department of Commerce, Israeli companies with a presence in Maryland, established […]

Pesach Recipes from Kesher Participants

What’s on your menu this Passover? We asked our friends from the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership‘s Kesher program to send us their favorite recipes. From a delicious toasted matzah farfel recipe that’s been in Robin Neumann’s family for generations to Brian and Teri Litofsky’s Chocolate Nut Fudge […]

Sigal Kanotopsky, JAFI’s New Regional Director, Shares Her Story of Resilience

Journey to Jerusalem Coming to Israel was the dream that we were born with. And this was the dream that people die with in Ethiopia. So, when my parents heard a rumor that there was a way to go in the early eighties, they didn’t […]

Meet David Speer, Maryland/Israel Development Center’s New Executive Director

You almost had an entirely different career.  I attended the University of Vermont where I majored in forestry. Unfortunately, or looking back, maybe fortunately, I graduated when the stock market crashed in 2009. My career counselor basically told me that I wasn’t going to get a job. I decided to […]

Get to Know Harriette (with a tte) Wienner

Is there anything you’ve done differently during the pandemic, that you plan to continue I feel like our whole family is more in touch than usual. We were always doing a lot of family texts, but now since we’re spread out, we’re on Zoom and […]

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