Adrian Maydanich, Enriching Jewish Identity through 4Front

Adrian Maydanich is proud of his Jewish identity. He comes from a Reform household. He attends a local Modern Orthodox school. And the blending of the two gives him a unique Jewish upbringing, one that he is glad to have. All of this culminates in […]

Meet Asella Medina-Smith, YAD Camp Nai Ambassador

Meet Asella Medina-Smith, active volunteer with The Associated’s Young Adult Division, YAD, and this year’s Camp Nai Ambassador.

YAD’s (Almost) Summer Soiree Playlist

Prepare for an evening of refreshing drinks, delicious appetizers, lawn game showdowns and non-stop fun. We can’t wait to see you! Haven’t registered yet? There’s still time! Head over to our calendar for more information about the event or contact Sarah Machlis at with […]

Jamie Aaron, Third Generation Holocaust Survivor

Jamie Aaron is the Assistant Director of Towson Hillel. She is also a 3G, the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. For Jamie Aaron, the experiences of her grandfather and his escape of the Holocaust over 80 years ago through the Kindertransport, still affect her to […]

Raising a Child Jewishly | Jen and Jake Lieberman

Jake and I both grew up in Jewish households, which really impacted our Jewish identities. We grew up going to Hebrew school, spending summers at Jewish overnight camps, becoming a bar/bat mitzvah and celebrating every Jewish holiday with our loved ones. We also both went […]

Jordan M. Halle | 2023 Fred Walpert Young Leadership Award Winner

Winter is finally over, and the Mensches are back with a brand new episode. Yanky Schorr continues his tour of Baltimore coffee tea shops and brings Jordan M. Halle, our latest Mensch, along for the ride. Jordan Halle is one of two recipients of the […]

Future of Judaism | Around the Table with Beth H. Goldsmith

Beth H. Goldsmith continues her conversation with Jake, Alexis and Leah about the future of Judaism.

Bridging Identity and Advocacy: A Journey in Professional Growth and Jewish Empowerment

Navigating the intersection of her Jewish identity and her professional career, Stacy Harvey created a space where she and her colleagues could express their culture in a safe and welcoming space. We sat down with her to talk about her professional journey and what motivated […]

United by Faith and Dance: Jake and Sarah’s Journey of Love, Community, and Tradition

For Jake and Sarah, one of the key components to a happy Jewish life is connection with their community. After meeting on Hinge during the pandemic, this young couple strengthened their relationship through their shared values, love of their culture and hosting Shabbats through The […]

Aviv Engelhart | A Book Drive Bar Mitzvah

Inspired by a book drive between The Associated and Associated Black Charities, Aviv Engelhart donated hundreds of books to a Baltimore City School.