Israel Attacks | Around the Table with Beth H. Goldsmith

Welcome back to Around the Table with Beth Goldsmith. A series focused on discovering what is important to young adults in Jewish Baltimore. Beth H. Goldsmith is joined by a new group of young adults, Jake Lieberman, Alexis Gorenstein and Leah Schulman, to talk about […]

Baltimore’s Teens Speak Out on Israel, Antisemitism and More

The recent terrorist attacks in Israel and the resulting increase in antisemitism, particularly on college campuses, has left many American Jews stunned and nervous. We decided to reach out to several teens to see what they are seeing and hearing. 

A Season of Food, Family and Philanthropy

While the holidays are rich in traditions around food and family, I think it’s also an ideal opportunity to incorporate giving back into our rituals and make the holidays even more meaningful. Now is the perfect time to consider talking to your children and grandchildren […]

Inspiring Camp Connections and Nurturing Jewish Identity

Stacy Harvey is the Jewish Connection Network‘s new Camp Connector. Discover her journey from New York to Baltimore, her strong Jewish identity, and her commitment to instilling those traditions in her family through camp. Stacy shares the inspiration behind her position and her dedication to […]

Ways to Incorporate Judaism into Thanksgiving  

So, why not infuse a ‘Jewish’ touch into Thanksgiving and show how we can weave Jewish values into every aspect of our lives? Thanksgiving is the one holiday I host at my house with many family members. As a Jewish educator and mom, I value […]

Antisemitism on College Campuses

Beth H. Goldsmith visits Associated Hillels, Goucher and University of Maryland, to talk about what is happening on their college campuses.

When Tragedy Strikes at Our Hearts

Each of us — young and old — is struggling to understand why. Too often of late we have been confronted with the horror of antisemitism and other acts of violence that leave us wondering how people can harbor so much hatred as to feel […]

Stand with Us for Peace in Israel: Community Prayer Services

The Associated and the Baltimore Jewish Council are proud to stand with our synagogue partners in solidarity with the War in Israel.

Around the Table with Beth H. Goldsmith

Catch up on the latest episode of The Associated’s newest video series, Around the Table with Beth H. Goldsmith!

Empowering Women in Philanthropy

I grew up at Beth Israel, where I was named, had my bat mitzvah and eventually got married. However, when my kids started attending Beth Tfiloh (Dahan Community School) and wanted to join their friends at synagogue, we transitioned to Beth Tfiloh Congregation. But my […]