Meet Doni Greenwald

In the Beginning  Doni’s connection to Jewish communal responsibility began literally in the beginning – with a father who worked for the Jewish youth group, NCSY. The family moved around as they followed his father’s career, eventually settling in Los Angeles.  In 1991,  he arrived […]

Reading Room

Middle School Red and Green and Blue and White By Lee Wind and Paul O. Zelinsky  Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday and the Power of a Protest Song by Gary Golio and Charlotte Riley-Webb   High School The Backyard Secrets of Danny Wexler by Karen Pokras Linked by Gordon Korman The Assignment by […]

Centenarian’s Legacy Helps Older Adults

“We always had a pushka,” Gil said of the family’s tzedakah box. “We were Jewish. If you’re Jewish, you give.” Gil saw action in the Pacific during World War II, serving as a lieutenant on a Navy destroyer for three and a half years, and […]

What is a Mensch? | Rich Topaz

Rich Topaz recently joined Yanky Schorr in our latest Mensches in Cars Getting Coffee. As this year’s Julius Rosenberg Memorial Award winner, Rich is certainly a Mensch. But what about those in his life?

How Camp Shaped My Life and Connection to Judaism

My 11 years at Camp Louise was lifechanging. I was hooked from the start. Camp was a welcome escape from stresses at home and a place where I felt like I could be myself in a world where many teenagers struggle to navigate life. Camp […]

Camp is Amee Cookler’s Happy Place

Amee Cookler, the Macks Center for Jewish Connection’s new Camp Connector talks about her favorite camp memories, Jewish connections and more!

Trauma: A Holocaust Survivor’s Legacy

This began the harrowing journey that led to the Levis’ escape to America in 1941. My father has no conscious memories of his life in Europe or the journey that led to their escape. He was 4 ½. His family changed their surname, and they […]

Meet Gary Olschansky

How did you get involved with The Associated? After college I moved to Baltimore to start my career and I came across The Associated’s Young leadership program. The Young leadership program was just starting when I participated in it, so it was cool to be […]

Building Community Through Art

In a recent ceremony held outside Amigour Towers, a senior living facility in Ashkelon, community members gathered to witness the unveiling of three mosaic sculptures that were commissioned by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. Working in partnership with Art With A Heart, The Harry […]

Faces of Odessa | Meet Moishe House Odessa Residents

Moishe House Odessa residents share their experiences living and working in Odessa, Ukraine throughout the Russian invasion in this personal interview.