Aviv Engelhart | A Book Drive Bar Mitzvah

Inspired by a book drive between The Associated and Associated Black Charities, Aviv Engelhart donated hundreds of books to a Baltimore City School.

Now is the Time to Share Your Family History

From the days of playing on the roof of the old Jewish Educational Alliance (JEA) building to swimming in bathing caps at Camp Milldale’s pool …. From counting on the men to chauffer the women as they went door to door raising money on G-Day […]

Jewish Geography – Onward to Suburbia

The promise of new suburban housing, spacious lawns and new schools, coupled with discriminatory housing practices that prevented Jews from living in certain neighborhoods, shaped the migration to northwest Baltimore in the second half of the century. In 1959 the JCC was built on Park […]

Jewish Geography – The Early Years

Baltimore’s earliest Jewish immigrants — mainly from Germany and then from Russia and Eastern Europe — primarily settled in Fells Point, South Baltimore and East Baltimore, where they established homes, business, schools and synagogues. East Baltimore quickly became one of Baltimore’s first distinctly Jewish communities. […]

Saving Worldwide Jewry – Fleeing Communism and Antisemitism

After the war, as Communism spread, Jews living in Cuba had their livelihoods and possessions stripped by Fidel Castro’s new regime. Many of them had been refugees from Nazi Germany and were forced to flee their homes for a second or third time. In the […]

Saving Worldwide Jewry – HIAS and JDC

It was 1945 and the European Jewish community was devastated. Millions had been killed by the Nazi regime and those who had survived its atrocities were desperate for help. In Baltimore, the local office of HIAS, which had been working before and during the war […]

Building and Strengthening Israel – Israel Celebrations

In 1978, on the 30th anniversary of the founding of Israel, Baltimoreans decided to throw a party. Myriad events took place from April 6 until June 22 throughout the community. The Baltimore Jewish Council and the Baltimore Zionist Federation organized a gala concert at the […]

Building and Strengthening Israel – Partnerships with Israel

In 1977, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin announced the start of Project Renewal, a joint program of his government and the Jewish Agency for Israel, for rehabilitation of 160 distressed neighborhoods throughout the country. The program “twinned” areas with individual cities in the United States, […]

Building and Strengthening Israel – Fundraising Over the Years

With the founding of the Israeli state in 1948, the remaining Jews of Europe were finally able to secure a home of their own. But immigrating and settling in a new land brought colossal challenges. Through its “Exodus Campaign,” the nationally organized United Jewish Appeal […]

Care for the Vulnerable – Care for Vulnerable Children

In the years before World War II, German-Jewish parents anticipating the impending crisis, began sending their children to America to live with foster families. The Associated Jewish Charities and the Jewish Family and Children’s Bureau were the local supervisors of the German Jewish Children’s Aid […]