Keeping Children Involved In Your Passover Seder

The holidays are a time that for many involves traveling, spending time with family and loved ones, reflecting as a community and celebration. But what happens if we are quickly forced to forgo our holiday plans due to a health pandemic? What can we do to create any sort of normalcy for our families?

Here are four ways to engage your families in Passover celebration, even though that may look different this year.

1. Tell The Story
A major part of many religious holiday celebrations is telling the story. Engage your children by assigning characters and acting out the Passover story as a play. Read the Passover story with your children and assign each child a role. Have them create their own props and costumes with household items and take quiet time to rehearse. At Seder time, have the children present their Passover play!  You will be quite surprised by their creativity.


2. Create Plague Figurines
Using modeling clay or Play Dough (here is a link to make your own using kitchen ingredients), have your children make the 10 plagues. Clay is a great sensory tool for children to use and gives them a hands-on learning experience. Talk about the plagues with your children, ask them questions about why they think these plagues happened. Have your children bring their plagues to the Seder table to help you tell the Passover story.


3. Learn Family Recipes
We all have wished that we knew how to make a family favorite recipe but could never find the time to learn. Take this extra time to learn recipes as a family. Not only will this be bonding and bring up family memories, but It can be educational! Baking is a science after all.

With younger children, have them count out ingredients and apply basic addition to figure out how much of each ingredient will be in your recipe.

For older children, this infographic outlines the science of baking for each ingredient.


4. Try A New Tradition
Speak to other families in your community, what are their family traditions. Create a list of family traditions and share them with friends. See if there are any that you get back that are new and interesting to your family and use this year as a chance to add them to your Passover routine. Who knows, your family may love these new traditions!

However your holiday may differ this year, it is important to remember that this change is temporary. It can be hard to be away from the norm but with a little creativity a loss can turn into a new adventure! Chag Passover Sameach!

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