Supporting Our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The surge of coronavirus and this state of quarantine has certainly changed our lives. Many of us are just trying to get through the day or the week, let alone plan for the future. Whether dealing with a difficult child at home, worrying about paying bills or trying to figure out new technologies, The Associated and its agencies are here to help.

Here are five ways we are providing assistance to those in our community:

The Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA)

The Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA) has the ability and willingness to assist those who need a helping hand. They offer interest-free loans for a variety of needs including medical bills, home repairs, debt consolidation, education, emergencies, job training and transportation. For those in need of economic assistance, contact HFLA and find out how they can be of service to you.


Jewish Community Services

Jewish Community Services (JCS) continues to provide services to the community using alternative means of meeting, including telehealth options and online support groups. It’s as easy as calling the Access Center line (410-466-9200) where staff are answering calls about services, information and resources. They can guide you to the resources(s) you are looking for and answer any question you may have. JCS is also providing online programs and groups to address both the emotional and practical concerns of community members during this challenging time. Visit their calendar for information on these groups.



If you’re struggling to access or master video chatting or online communication programs, Myerberg has easy-to-learn classes to get you there. Here is how to join a Myerberg class: From your web browser enter the web address; once on the main Myerberg page, Tap on “LIVE events”; tap on the day of the week for your class (example: MONDAY); find your class by scrolling down the page; tap on the Line in green after you see the word “Join (with video).” For individual classes and help sessions, you can visit the Tech-Knowledge Hub. There are a multitude of workshops to help with any technological issue.


The Macks Center for Jewish Education

The Macks Center for Jewish Education (CJE) has resources to assist teachers. If you are teaching remotely, the CJE staff of masters level educators has curated resources and information to help you. You will find recordings of experts teaching professional development sessions, ideas for Jewish early childhood education projects, advice about online instruction and additional resources for continued learning all at the Virtual CJE.

Let CJE staff know if your school is planning on a summer reading program, because CJE’s library is going digital so your students can participate easily and win a prize. Check out some of the educational resources for your own personal enjoyment as well. The educational resources page is always being updated and can be found here.



SHEMESH helps children with learning issues that include reading, math or attention/focusing and executive function. Their resources include reading intervention, early childhood consultation and behavior supports, and speech and language therapy. For parents, SHEMESH facilitates a support group for children and adults with ADD (CHADD) that meets the first Wednesday of every month, currently via Zoom.

Another great resource is the SHEMESH hotline. Parents receive support and guidance for any child-related challenges they are facing during this time. Call and speak with a reading specialist, a psychologist, an executive function coach, an early childhood specialist, or a behavior specialist. The hotline hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Call 410-843-7589 or email anytime at Everyone could use some support, especially during these difficult times. Find out what SHEMESH can do for you.

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