Meet The Frumans

For the Fruman family, success in business breeds tzedakah.

The Frumans own and operate National Lumber Company, a fifth-generation family business currently located in East Baltimore. Arnold Fruman, president of the company, works side by side with his two sons, Neal and Kevin.

“I’m extremely proud to be part of a close-knit fifth generation family business that has survived rough times – seeing the good, seeing the bad and having been able to impart the correct work ethic and values to my sons and hopefully to my grandsons,” Arnold says.

Giving is in the fabric of Judaism,”

“We saw at a young age our father’s involvement with our synagogue and other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations. Our parents instilled in us the need to get involved,” explains Kevin. “Giving is in the fabric of Judaism,” Neal adds. “Getting involved to help others came from my mother and father and that’s hopefully something that Kevin and I are able to pass down to our kids.”

The Frumans have found that a donor-advised fund (DAF) at The Associated is well suited to meet their family’s needs, interests and goals today and in years to come. Prior to establishing the fund at The Associated, the Frumans found their charitable giving to be somewhat disjointed.

“The ease and convenience of the fund, in addition to the ability to track the impact of our grants over time, makes this a great vehicle for charitable giving. And equally important, the DAF through The Associated is a way to engage all family members to become part of the giving experience.”

With almost 100 years in business, the Frumans will continue to work hard because as Arnold puts it, “success in business breeds tzedakah and allows for the opportunity to give back to the community.”

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