Meet Rabbi Moshe Schwartz

When Rabbi Moshe Schwartz embarked on the Macks Center for Jewish Education’s Mini Educators Mission to Odessa, Ukraine this past year, he was excited to explore the educational landscape there.

Little did he know that the experience would go beyond his expectations as he encountered a community rediscovering its rich Jewish heritage.

Schwartz, head of Krieger Schechter Day School, was one of six Jewish educators traveling to the city on the program funded by The Associated’s Baltimore-Odessa Partnership.

While there, they visited classrooms at the World Ort School #94, a public school dedicated to Jewish studies, spoke with Jews across the economic spectrum about daily life and stopped at the Beit Grand and Migdal Jewish Community Centers to experience the revival of Jewish life.

“I was impressed with the pride the Jewish residents took in Judaism as well as the students’ commitment to learn despite limited resources,” he says.

Schwartz also visited those who depend on overseas dollars to survive. “I saw how much our philanthropy is making an impact on Odessa’s Jews.”

Moving forward, Schwartz plans to bring what he learned to Baltimore, developing new ways to forge partnerships with Odessa’s Jewish community.

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