10 Things to Know about
Julie Blumenfeld

She’s a pediatric dentist, mother of three – with a fourth on the way – and a committed volunteer who is up at five every morning to make sure she gets in her exercise routine before the day begins. Yet, that’s exactly the way Julie Blumenfeld likes it.  

For keeping busy and having purpose is what drives Julie. And, it’s obvious that her work is making a difference in the community – recently receiving the Julius Rosenberg Award, recognizing her work as an emerging campaign leader.  

Here are 10 things you should know about Julie.  


1. Threes the Charm: Julie grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and was the youngest of three children. Her parents were very involved in the Jewish community. Her grandfather served as president of the JCC, her father was on the board of the day school.  


2. Where Everyone Knows Your Name: Savannah, she says, was a small but tight-knit Jewish community. On Sundays, it often felt like everyone Jewish in town was at the JCC. 

In many ways, her hometown was similar to Balimore. Although Baltimore is a bigger city — and the Jewish community is larger — it still has that small-town feel. “I can’t go to the grocery store without running into someone I know from The Associated,” she laughs. And, while as a teen, she didn’t like always running into people she knew, she’s grown to love it as an adult.  


3. Most Likely to Succeed: If you’ve ever known anyone premed in college, you know how all-consuming the workload is. Yet, not only did Julie double major in neurobiology and physiology at the University of Maryland, College Park, she was a student leader on Hillel’s board, served on the Student Leadership Council, which brought together leaders from other groups around campus and participated regularly on the Jewish Student Union. On top of that, she still managed to have fun!  


4. Unexpected Friendships: She first got involved in The Associated through the Baltimore Jewish Council’s leadership program and upon graduating joined IMPACT’s board. What she loves about The Associated is that she has met so many remarkable people who she might not have met otherwise and formed invaluable friendships and connections. She also loves that she has had the opportunity to gain so much knowledge from past leaders.  


5. The Hat Trick: Winning the Julius Rosenberg Leadership Award and having the recognition of her peers means so much to Julie. BTW: This hard-working and committed volunteer also received the Fred Walpert Young Leadership Award and the Zelda Miller Award. 


6. 24/7: Being overwhelmed is what keeps her going. She’d rather be involved and making a difference than sitting in her bubble. She says her husband, Jacob, has the same philosophy. 


7. Silver Lining: Yet, the one thing about the pandemic is that it has caused Julie to slow down – surprisingly, this young woman who loves to be busy says it’s been kind of nice. She gets to spend more time with her kids and sit down for dinner every night together as a family.


8. Not Again: She’s been playing more games with her children since March and she admits if she never had to play Old Maid card game again, she would be just fine. Oh, and she wouldn’t mind no longer reading the Grouchy Lady Bug by Eric Carle. She probably can recite the words in the book in her sleep.


9. Parents Know Best: Some of the best advice she ever received came from her parents – never give up and be passionate about everything you do.


10. A Matter of Respect: Her grandfather lived in South Carolina, and the family would visit two to three times a month.

Yet it was at her grandfather’s funeral that she really understood what an important influence he had on her life. 

When his business partner gave the eulogy, he talked about how her grandfather treated everyone the same – from the business partner to the person taking out the trash. She even recalls when she was younger and visiting him at his office, how he would introduce her to everyone showing respect no matter their job. It’s this value of respecting everyone that she hopes to infuse in her kids. 

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