Meet Jason Reitberger

What advice do you give to your 13-year-old son who is to become a bar mitzvah amid a global pandemic? If you’re Jason Reitberger, father of five, the message remains the same.

“Last month, my son had his bar mitzvah and we talked about how this time of his life means so much more than the ceremony and celebration. It’s about having the responsibilities of relationships to Hashem and others. It’s about recognizing that you’re now part of a community and have obligations to your friends and your family and those that came before us. It’s realizing that life is about more than me, me, me.”

Jason, CEO of a commercial real estate investment firm and current co-chair of The Associated’s Israel and Overseas Managing Council, sat down with us and shared his thoughts, personal experiences and a few fun facts. Here are 7 things you may not have known about Jason.

1. My grandmother, who was the matriarch and role model of the family and who recently passed away, took great pride in having her children and grandchildren engage in Jewish causes. She marched for Soviet Jewry and was involved in Hadassah and Israel Bonds…Israel was very much a part of her Jewish identity.

2. My wife, Shani, and I were set up many years ago by mutual friends. We have five children and three grandchildren.

3. If I could have Shabbat dinner with anyone, I would choose to sit at the table with the first chief rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Herzog.

4. My mantra, especially in today’s time, is work hard, play hard. I’m really not as serious as I sound.


5. A book I would highly recommend is The Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner. It documents events related to four Israeli prime ministers – Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin.

6. The one thing I look forward to doing post pandemic is to host events again in our home and see friends and family in person.

7. When I was asked to co-chair the Israel and Overseas managing council, I was excited to get involved…it felt very complimentary to my work with other organizations, as The Associated’s I&O work is focused on strengthening the people – the soul.

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