Meet David Lehmann

David Lehmann, a partner in the certified public accounting firm of Cooper and Lehmann, LLP, describes his company as a multi-family office.

“We guide our clients and multiple generations of their families in managing their wealth and real estate. We focus not only on their monetary goals but also help incorporate their interests and values into their overall financial plans,” David says.

When discussing legacy planning, David finds many of his clients want to leave something more valuable than just dollars and cents to their children and grandchildren.

“We often encourage our clients to consider creating a legacy of a donor-advised fund as a way to give back to the community in perpetuity,” David explains. “The idea of targeted giving which promotes lifelong values and priorities resonates deeply with our clients.”

David often recommends Associated donor-advised funds to those clients who are committed to Jewish philanthropy.

“First and foremost, The Associated is focused on the Baltimore Jewish community as well as the Jewish community in Israel and overseas, separating them from other institutions,” says David. “In addition, they provide a tremendous amount of support to us advisors as we’re guiding clients through different choices and options with respect to their legacy and charitable contributions.”

In general, donor-advised funds provide the donor better tax advantages than private foundations. The Associated owns, manages and controls the account, but the donor can recommend grants to their chosen charities. As David puts it, “that’s a win all around.”

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