Israel Emergency Fund Allocations

In response to the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel (May 10-20, 2021/Guardian of the Walls), The Associated set up an Israel Emergency Fund. The community response was overwhelming and as a result, The Associated was able to allocate direct funds to the following: 

  • Emergency funds provided some relief in the public shelters in Ashkelon in the way of air conditioners, portable mattresses and supplies for volunteers in the shelters. 
  • Emergency grant for Sigal Ariely, Director of the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, to provide general assistance as she and her family recover from the trauma and the damage of her home being severely damaged by rocket fire. 

Funding to our Overseas Partners as follows:  

  • The Fund for the Victims of Terror of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) brings comfort to lives in upheaval. This Fund allows JAFI to reach victims and their families within 48 hours of an attack. Jewish Agency representatives were deployed to Ashkelon visiting victims and delivering emergency aid of around $1,200 to help people deal with the immediate aftermath of an attack. Families may receive additional services and grants for recuperation efforts such as psychological care, job retraining, and more. The Fund works with government agencies to avoid duplication of services. 
  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). JDC is: 
    • Activating virtual services to help thousands of people living with disabilities stay connected and get the assistance they need during rocket attacks and the aftermath. 
    • Deploying newly developed technologies to monitor the health and wellbeing of 200 Holocaust Survivors in Ashkelon 
  • Israel Trauma Coalition 
    • Many families are facing a tough reality, compounded by the stress of COVID-19. Trauma care, emotional first aid is vital to ensure that we minimize the number of people who suffer from full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many are already diagnosed with PTSD. 
    • Resiliency workshops provide the strength to continue dedicated service. 

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