How Will Quantum Computing Revolutionize the World?

Experts predict that quantum computing will change the world. Quantum computers can alter the way we do business, transform the way we treat illnesses, improve data security and tackle complex problems – in a more practical timeframe.

Many are looking to lead the race of quantum computing technology. It’s no surprise that Maryland and Israel are early global leaders in this field.

On June 30th, The Maryland/Israel Development Center hosted a webinar on quantum computing as part of their Emerging Industries Series. Industry experts explained how quantum computing will revolutionize the world and the leadership roles these communities are taking.

Here’s a bit of background on each presenter and what they each have to say about the quantum computing revolution:


Julie Lenzer

Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Maryland and Acting Director for its newly launched Quantum Startup Foundry. Former head of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“Quantum computing and quantum in general are uniquely poised to disrupt industries as diverse as life sciences, fin tech, cyber security, energy, supply chain, and defense. With the foundational science being so different from anything most have ever seen. Smart companies and governments will begin considering these technologies and working them into their strategic plans. While much of it is still a few years from getting to market, the time to focus on it is NOW, and fortunately University of Maryland is positioned to be a leader in the field.”


Dr. Chris Monroe

Experimental atomic physicist and quantum engineer, Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland, Professor of ECE and Physics at Duke University and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of IonQ, Inc. in College Park, MD.

“Quantum Computers are not the next generation conventional computer. They are entirely different, relying on laws of physics that have no analogies in everyday life, and using exotic elements like individual atoms to perform massively parallel computations. The application space of quantum computers is also foreign, as they seem to excel at problems that cannot be solved using conventional computers.  It is a wonderful endeavor, that brings together physicists, chemists, engineers, computer scientists, and algorithmic theorists of all types, and has great promise in fields ranging from materials design to economic modeling.”

Dr. Tal David

Head of Israel’s National Quantum Initiative, charting the country’s future as a global quantum technology leader. Dr. David received his Ph.D. in quantum physics from Ben Gurion University.

“The development of quantum computing, sensing, cryptography, simulation and materials will change the world in the coming years. Governments and commercial corporations worldwide identify this field as a significant economic growth mechanism for years to come. The Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI) is a broad-scoped program to advance Israel’s quantum capabilities and position the country as a global leader in this ground-breaking field. The INQI’s mission is to build Israel’s ecosystem for research, development and implementation of quantum science and technology, from basic science, through human capital, physical infrastructure, international collaboration, and applied R&D projects. Quantum computing will have enormous impact on developing new materials (e.g. stronger and lighter materials for the vehicle industry, more efficient fuels, etc.), faster drug development, increase capability to plan and manage complex and smart transportation networks, optimize financial risks, support decision making in real-time, and so much more… While the technological challenges are still vast, roadmaps of leading companies today envision this coming decade as a breakthrough era where we will see more and more practical implementations of quantum computing and reach a level of full-fledged universal quantum computers.”

Dr. Itamar Sivan

Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Machines (QM), the first quantum startup in Israel. Dr. Sivan completed his Ph.D. in quantum electronics and microfabrication at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

“Quantum computers hold great promise for unprecedented computational power well beyond the reach of current technology. They will help solve currently unsolvable challenges in essential fields, including materials science, computational chemistry, optimization, AI, and cryptography. Moreover, as technology continues to develop as rapidly as it has over the last couple of decades, the once far away dream of harnessing this power seems closer now than ever before. Even the span of potential applications is continuously growing as researchers further develop more advanced quantum algorithms.”

Shlomi Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder of QuantLR, a quantum cryptography company. Prior to this, he was CEO of OTI, a fintech company traded on Nasdaq (OTIV), and RayV, an online video-streaming company acquired by Yahoo.

“QuantLR has developed an exciting new encryption solution using the principles of quantum physics called ‘Quantum Key Distribution’ (QKD), which uses photons to send data, whereby only the sender and recipient are able to interpret the properties of the photons. Moreover, if the message is intercepted, the photons themselves change their state, thus making it impossible to interpret the information that was sent. With QuantLR’s breakthrough, our mission is to enable worldwide mass deployment of Quantum Cryptography to secure electronic communications which much of the world’s economy now relies on.” 

How Will Quantum Computing Revolutionize the World: Maryland and Israeli Experts Weigh In is part of MIDC’s The Emerging Industries Series featuring webinars on artificial intelligence, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, and 5G.

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The Associated is a home for everyone in the Baltimore Jewish community. We offer several email lists to help people find a community, engage with their peers and support Jewish journeys around the world.

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