Meet Josh Shein: The Corporate Sponsor Making a Difference

Josh Shein

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Josh Shein’s work with his family-owned business brought him to Charm City over 23 years ago, where he and his family planted firm roots in Jewish Baltimore that have grown stronger and deeper ever since.

From launching his philanthropic journey in The Associated Jewish Federation’s Young Leadership Cohort, to serving on the Boards of Beth El Congregation and AIPAC, to raising awareness and funds to combat Alzheimer’s disease—Josh is always on extracurricular missions that are paving the way to a better, brighter future here in Baltimore and beyond. By day, he expresses his passion for cultivating community through empowering individuals and businesses aspiring to invest in building critical housing and infrastructure through his work as the CEO of Trius Lending Partners—a leading nationwide private lender which has earned numerous accolades, including recognition as Maryland’s #1 fastest growing private company. 

We recently sat down with Josh to discuss his philanthropic journey and how Trius’ sponsorship of The Associated is a great fit for doing good while growing his business!  

What is your Associated story?

The Associated and the work they do is powerful and all-encompassing. I can summarize their work by saying – “Do good. Raise money. Meet amazing people.” From enrolling our children in Krieger Schechter Day School when we first arrived to Baltimore, The Associated has always been a connecting point for our family. I was involved with Young Leadership Council, which deepened my leadership role in the community. More recently, we went on an immersive and impactful Associated Mission, which I recommend to anyone who wants to truly experience Israel and see The Associated’s influence first-hand. I’ve continued to stay involved and always enjoy attending a good number of Associated events each year. 

How does The Associated impact your professional network?

My wife and I have definitely made friends through our involvement with The Associated over the years but having access to the business side of Jewish Baltimore, specifically through the real estate community, has been invaluable. For many years now, I’ve enjoyed networking with other real estate professionals through REIG (The Associated’s professional Real Estate Industry Group). The Associated’s other professional affinities are a robust network of influential and passionate people doing amazing work for everyone across the Greater Baltimore area. This group of incredible men and women are among the most successful real estate investors in Baltimore, so every time we get together offers a fresh opportunity to feed off of each other’s excitement and expertise! 

Why do you give back to the community?

“As a corporate sponsor and partner of The Associated, I am able to do more, help more and ultimately, give more.”

I volunteer my time because I truly am passionate and deeply committed to the causes I care most about. In addition to The Associated, there are three organizations that I fight for and support with all my energy—Beth El Congregation, AIPAC and the fight against Alzheimer’s. Honestly, I love the work I do for these organizations and count myself fortunate to have the privilege of giving back. In other words, my leadership and involvement are never a chore. I have a lot of energy to give, and I love being engaged. I give to The Associated because I know as an organization, they are looking out for Jews everywhere across the globe and at home, here in Baltimore. I think that’s just incredible. I give as a sponsor because my investment is exponentially more impactful than what I can give alone—all while promoting my business, which helps me give back to the community in that way, sponsorship is a double win!

Tell us more about the role that Trius Lending Partners plays in the Baltimore business community?

Trius provides short term and long-term funding for real estate investors.  We basically raise funds from individuals, friends and family, and then lend those funds to real estate investors, who turn around and invest in the community. We are a local company with local investors and local clients. The properties we fund are in our backyard and we care about their success. When someone is looking to fix and flip a home, or become a landlord and purchase a property, renovate it and rent it out, or start building a real estate portfolio, Trius Lending Corporation can help bridge gaps between traditional loans to keep your project’s forward momentum. We provide quick and easy funding. Time and speed are ultimately the name of the game in our industry and we take pride in being extremely swift on both fronts.

When not working or volunteering, what are you doing?

Most of all, I love spending time with my family, especially now that my daughters are in college, our time together is that much more special. Locally, we enjoy going out to eat and exploring Baltimore. We’ve been fortunate to have some amazing trips together as a family. This past summer we visited Greece for two weeks—the sailing was phenomenal. A few years ago, we visited Asia, and we plan to make a similar trip again this year. We love to explore, taking fun and interesting vacations, but getting to spend time together as a family is honestly what matters most. 

Parting words of wisdom?

My business partner Steve Bond is fond of the saying that, “If you are doing something you love, it’s not work.” And he is right. I am lucky in that I absolutely love what I do. I love getting up every day and coming into the office. And I love being able to support the causes I care most about. Being a corporate sponsor, and giving this way, gives Trius one more way for us (me and Steve) to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to building a better, more prosperous Baltimore for all who are fortunate to call this area home. Now, I am able to do more, help more and ultimately, give more.

For more information on investing in sponsorship with The Associated, contact Ira Gewanter at or 410-369-9296.

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The Associated is a home for everyone in the Baltimore Jewish community. We offer several email lists to help people find a community, engage with their peers and support Jewish journeys around the world.

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