Every Legacy Begins with a Dream

It is my privilege to be Chair of Philanthropic Planning and Services at The Associated. For years I have been intimately involved in the innermost workings of The Associated in many roles including Chair of the Board and at a national level with Jewish Federations of North America. And yet, in some ways, I find my current position to be my greatest challenge yet.

I am so grateful to be able to spread the message about the importance of creating a legacy for The Associated. Planning your legacy allows you to dream “what if.” What if you could continue to make an impact on life in Jewish Baltimore long after your lifetime? What if you could find a way to help The Associated build the foundation that it needs to respond to ever-changing and growing needs in the community as they emerge? What if we can perpetuate this beautiful Jewish community for generations to come just like we were fortunate to indulge in it? How can we not sustain our passion and purpose in The Associated when we have cared so much during our life time?

The legacies of those who came before us have enabled us to build community centers for all Jews to come together to learn, play and grow. Legacies have helped us launch leadership programs that benefit any Jewish organization. Legacies ensure that the world we leave behind to our children and future generations will be rich in spirit and in resources to help our descendants and our community to grow together imbued in Jewish values and vibrant life. And, most importantly and fundamental to our core mission, legacies ensure that we will always be there to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our Jewish community in Baltimore, Israel and around the world – forever.

Every legacy begins with a dream. At The Associated, we pride ourselves on being available to answer your questions about charitable planning. Our experienced dedicated professional staff can help you along your philanthropic journey. Please feel free to call on any one of them to help shape your legacy. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will do in the future.

With much appreciation and admiration,
Linda A. Hurwitz, Chair, Philanthropic and Planning Services

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