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About Evan Willner

Evan Willner lives in Northeast Baltimore, recently started a really cool job as the Floriculture ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) Specialist at Curio Wellness and loves eating fresh farm-to-table food at nearby Maggie’s Farm.

Read on to learn even more about Evan…

What was it like searching for and then starting a new job during COVID-19?

Looking for a new job was stressful. Would I be able to get an in-person interview? How would I be able to shadow the position? What if I cannot sell myself over Zoom like I would be able to in person? These were all things that weighed heavily on me through my search. When I received my offer letter, it was like all the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew that this was going to be an experience that I could not let slip away because of what was going on around me. Since I have started, it has been great to put my mind towards something that makes me excited about waking up every day. Without that, these times would be even harder. 

How has the pandemic impacted you personally?

I am very fortunate to say that the pandemic has not affected me or any of my loved ones directly from a health perspective. I have friends and know of other families who have had to deal with COVID-19 in a much different way. My social life has completely changed as I have had to find ways to connect virtually. This past year, I have spent much more time with just myself, putting me in a position to take care of personal things that I never seemed to ‘have the time for.’ As a young adult, you would typically be able to find me downtown on a weekend night. These days, you can find me on the couch with my dog, watching a movie and playing board games with my roommates. 

Where do you live and what’s great about it?

I live in Northeast Baltimore in a neighborhood called Hamilton-Lauraville. I absolutely love my neighborhood. A hidden gem, Hamilton has some of the best food in the city (Hot Take, I know)…there is something for everyone. Being a quieter neighborhood, I enjoy walking the green streets and meeting other people who are new to the area. The neighbors all get along and everyone cares about the area.

What social cause are you most passionate about?

Israel advocacy and education are something that I have always been passionate about. That passion brought me to The Associated to serve as their Israel and Overseas Engagement Associate out of college, work that I loved doing during those years. Since starting my new job, I have tried to attend webinars and virtual events that continue to educate me on the subject matter. When the pandemic is over, and we can all once again travel safely, Israel will be one of my first stops in my TBD travel experience. 

Top three people you follow on Instagram and why? (or any other platform relevant to you…TikTok, Twitter, etc)

Joe Rogan – I love The Rogan Experience podcast. Joe has the best guests and covers the full spectrum in his interviews.

Dr. Anthony Fauci – Pretty self-explanatory- I will follow Dr. Fauci through this whole ordeal.

Lamar Jackson – Ravens Nation has a king, and he wears number 8.

What’s your win of the week?

My win of the week is having completed my sixth straight P90-X workout of the week. Granted, I am only in my first month of the program, but I haven’t felt this physically accomplished in quite some time.

How are you staying busy during off work hours? What do you do to unwind?

I have been finding a lot of resolve in the kitchen over this past year. Making something that takes all day to prepare is rewarding not only in taste, but in getting through the day. Netflix has been almost like a best friend; we spend many hours together and Netflix never judges me for the time spent watching Tiger King or Queens Gambit.

What is the pandemic’s silver lining for you?

The pandemic has allowed me to spend more time focusing on myself and how I can better my lifestyle. Can I spend more time working out when we return to a sense of normalcy? Yes. Can I find ways to spend time with friends that does not require spending a ton of money? Yes. Is it ok to be by yourself for some time? Yes. I knew the answers to these things and others before, sometimes you just need a drastic change to make these things clearer. Family and friends are crucial. Without our relationships, life can be a drag. This time has pushed me to think more about the strength of my relationships, and how I can always put more into them, even when I can not be with someone physically. 

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