10 Things to Know About Robin Belsky

Robin Belsky has lent her voice, passion and knowledge over the years through her work as a Capitol Hill staffer and lobbyist, global market researcher, advocate against domestic abuse and member of several local boards including CHANA and The Associated’s Jewish Professional Women (JPW).

Over the years, she has worked on the launch of most of the world’s top-selling blockbuster healthcare brands guiding them in product development, global marketing and sales strategy, as well as shepherding them through the FDA and other country’s approval processes. In her current role as founder and president of Taverngreen Associates, Belsky works to forge long-term partnerships with domestic and international clients in the healthcare field and is working with some on the development of two COVID-19 vaccines.

Her resume portrays a woman who has experienced life… there’s a lot to learn about Robin!

1. Robin comes from a family of attorneys but decided to take a different path – undergrad at University of Maryland with a pre-law honors degree in Political Science and an MBA in Global Marketing and Finance and Master’s in International Business through a joint program at Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh.

2. Everyone has a Believe Statement – ”I believe…” Robin believes that it should be everybody’s goal to give back and help our fellow man through volunteer time, financial donation or both. She also feels that our children should be exposed early to this value and it is our responsibility to do so.

3. Robin loves to cook! Her father, who she adored, was both a lawyer and by hobby a gourmet cook who also had a small kosher catering business. Her go-to dish is Chicken Vendange, a family favorite for years. She’ll probably share the recipe if you ask.

“I am most proud of the endless commitment of the staff and clinicians at CHANA who work day and night to ensure the safety of their clients and change several key policies.”

4. One of the most inspirational people Robin has met is Diane Sawyer. As a young staffer on Capitol Hill, Robin worked on a lot of media related issues and had the opportunity, on occasion, to work alongside Sawyer. “I watched a woman with brains, poise and a strategic mindset pave the way for women in media.”

5. After college, Robin spent a year and a half living and interning in Jerusalem working on defense related issues with the Knesset under “Benny” Begin, the son of former Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin.

6. Her love of politics led her to the young leadership program with the Baltimore Jewish Council where she became co-chair of their young leadership committee and government relations committee. Because of her lobbying and public policy background and interest in justice for victims and survivors of abuse, Robin became involved in CHANA where she currently sits on the board as their advocacy chair. “I am most proud of the endless commitment of the staff and clinicians at CHANA who work day and night to ensure the safety of their clients and change several key policies.”

7. Robin had more to say about CHANA, “In all of my involvement in professional and voluntary boards, I have never seen a more committed staff and board. At the end of the day, we have saved many lives because of their hard work.”

8. At age 49, Robin got married for the first time to husband Neil Kwatinetz (whom she met on JDate). “People should not give up hope that they will meet somebody. If I were to offer any advice, it would be not to make work your first priority. It’s very important to have a healthy work-life balance.”

9. Staying sane during the COVID-19 pandemic, Robin participates in The Soul Center’s online Zentangling class on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons. Check out her latest doodling!

Robin Belsky's doodle from Zentangling

10. As a career-minded woman, Robin has been involved with The Associated’s Jewish Professional Women (JPW) as a long-standing committee member. Robin’s brainchild, “Letters to My Younger Self” event, now going in to its third year, has received high attendance and reviews. JPW is a platform for professional connections, personal growth and community engagement. “We are hoping in the future to have informal mentoring opportunities, which I think is very important for some of the more seasoned participants in the business world and even in The Associated system, to help others become even better businesswomen and philanthropists.” 

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