Make your work even more meaningful

Whether your goal is to grow your business, turn your care for the Jewish community into action or connect with industry leaders, do it by networking through The Associated. Why? Because we bring together professionals of all backgrounds and interests who share your passion for Jewish community and philanthropy – go-getters who are interested in building a better Jewish Baltimore and beyond.

We offer broad-based events for professional audiences throughout the year, as well as targeted real estate and medical gatherings. Our Real Estate Industry Group (REIG) events are often held on-site at exciting real estate projects in various stages of development. Healthcare professionals can learn about industry-related topics through a Jewish lens at our educational and fundraising events.


Giving personally and professionally

If you care about the wellbeing of our community, consider making a financial investment in Jewish Baltimore through The Associated’s Annual Campaign. A gift to the community builds on the notion that - kol yisrael areyvim zeh b’zeh - all Jews are responsible for one other. You may also give others the opportunity to share your passion by volunteering to ask others to make a gift to The Associated. Donors of $1,000 or more to the Annual Campaign are recognized in the annually published Honor Roll and invited to attend our annual Keynote Event. Medical professionals who give at this level also become members of the Maimonides Society, a nationally-recognized giving society.

If the work we do inspires you to give, it might also inspire your company to make a matching gift or become a corporate partner. And, if you are already donating through your company’s United Way Workplace Campaign, consider directing your gift to The Associated. To do so, use the code: 52-0607957.

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