Five Ways to Make Your Seder Meaningful in the Age of COVID-19

By Eli Bass, Jewish Education Coordintor, Macks Center for Jewish Education

This year especially, we want to wish you a happy Passover. As you prepare for your Seder, we encourage you to think about these top 5 things to make a meaningful Seder for your family. Each step gives you links to explore each topic in a more in-depth way.

  1. Learn more about the Seder. The Seder has a lot of rituals, yet each family’s Seder is different. This video has a great guide to many of the traditions, and will be a great start to those leading for the first time, or searching for new ideas to incorporate into their tradition. 

  3. Adapt. This Passover is unprecedented and has required adjustment no matter your observance. Some families may choose to use technology while others don’t. The Macks Center for Jewish Education and The Associated are committed to serving everyone in our community. We have included two guides to share best practices whether you utilize technology or not. My Jewish Learning describes options for a meaningful Seder without tech. Alma also has some great ideas on how to do a Seder using technology.

  5. Craft new family traditions. The Afikomen, or the traditionally hidden middle matzah, is an exciting time for kids at the seder. Craft a lovely afikomen bag to add an elegance to your search. Find ways to make this tradition particularly meaningful

  7. Contemplate liberation. Passover traditionally recognizes the Israelites freedom from Egyptian bondage. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzraim, which also means narrowness. When we view the escape from Egypt as an escape from narrowness, we start to look at what is narrow in our lives. We are commanded to view the Exodus as if we personally have exited Egypt.
    In the crisis of Covid-19, it is important to recognize the narrowness which we experience in this crisis. Many people have emphasized how we must work to build connection in this time as we take necessary precautions to protect our families and neighbors. What does an escape from narrowness mean for your family?
    Check out this article exploring the theme of liberation from narrowness. 

  9. Spice up your Seder. Finally, find ways to bring the family into the Seder in fun and creative ways. Some options include bringing out costumes or puppets to make the story more fun. You could create a fun trivia game to involve the whole table. Consider whether you will use technology to welcome in others to your Seder or find ways to welcome others through thoughts and supportive notes. My Jewish Learning.

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