BDS On Our College Campuses

BDS, which is an acronym for “boycott divestment and sanctions” is a Palestinian-led movement, first launched in 2005. It has caused significant tensions at a number of colleges and universities over the years. What effect does it have on our Jewish student population and what tools can we use to combat it?

In this episode of Pull Up A Chair, we talk with 2019 UMD graduate Jenn Miller and the Deputy Director of the Israel Action Network, Stephanie Hausner.

As past president of Terps for Israel, Jenn shares her campus experience working to defeat resolutions calling for BDS activities.

“We tried to create these dialogue events and not create a solution and not compromise and not find an alternative, but just [to] hear where each were coming from.”

“I think that being pro-Israel and being pro-Palestinian are not mutually exclusive,” explains Jenn. “I think that’s where dialogue begins to break down and just cease to exist when you split it up into one side versus another.”

Stephanie Hausner adds that many of their students don’t know every fact.

“We need to prepare our students to have a conversation with their roommate, with their friend, as they’re walking through the quad.”

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