Hebrew Home for the Incurables and Hebrew Home for the Aged merged to form Levindale Hebrew Home and Infirmary (Levindale was abandoned as a child care institution, the children were transferred to foster homes and building remodeled for the aged)


Harry Greenstein hired as executive director of the Associated Jewish Charities at 32 years old. He was persuaded to leave his law practice and take the position of Executive Director which he would keep for the next 37 years (1928-1965).


Campaign – You’ve Never Said “No” campaign slogan, goal of $590,000


Campaign, April 27-May 2, 1924– “You Give, They Live”, second campaign of the Associated Jewish Charities with a goal of $610,223.52 for the nineteen institutions.


Hebrew Orphan Asylum and Hebrew Children Sheltering and Protective Association merged into the Jewish Children’s Society and on October of that year a new home in the country (Greenspring Ave. and Belvedere Ave.)was built and called Levindale.


Board of Jewish Education created – composed of Baltimore Talmud Torah, Hebrew The Passing Years, a play by Louis Levin, and Directed by Leonard Weinberg. The Jewish Educational Alliance provided the orchestra music.


Louis H. Levin was named first Executive Director of the AJC. 


German-Jewish, Federated Jewish Charities and the Eastern-European, United Hebrew Charities merged  the need to create one fundraising organization become obvious. But the Associated Jewish Charities was more than just a fundraising agency, it was also a coordination and social planning agency. The organization looked at […]