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Where to stay

Five Star Hotels

The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel features recently renovated rooms, a nice gym and a rooftop pool. In terms of food, there are two kosher gourmet restaurants – one is dairy, the other is meat – by Meir Adoni, one of Israel’s most famous Molecular Cuisine Chefs.

Maia's Tip: A great pick for families, choose the Carlton if you'd like to save a few dollars without sacrificing the five-star experience.

10 Eliezer Peri Street | +972-3-520-1818 | email | website


Right next door to the Carlton, the Hilton is exactly what you would expect from a Hilton in a big city – the better room you reserve, the better the experience. The gym faces the sea and the Promenade, plus there's a great pool situated on the beach. At the Hilton, the Spa is world class – if you are looking for the classic Hilton experience you won't be disappointed.

205 HaYarkon Street | +972-3-520-2222 | email | website

Ritz Carlton Herzeliya

If you're looking for luxury, look no further than the Ritz Carlton Herzeliya. On the smaller side, this hotel has an air of elegance that does not exist anywhere else in Israel. Located in the Herzeliya Marina – a 10-minute drive to downtown Tel Aviv – it's right near plenty of restaurants, shops, the beach and the promenade. The hotel also features a kosher restaurant by one of Israel's most famous chefs, Jonathan Roshfeld.

Maia's Tip: Be sure to get an ocean/marina view – reserve the Deluxe Room!

4 Hashunit Street | +972-9-373-5555 | website

Boutique Hotels

Alma Hotel & Lounge

Opened in 2012 by siblings Adi and Irit Strauss, the Alma Hotel & Lounge occupies a former six-family apartment house originally built in 1925. Each room is different, making your stay unique and funky. A small and intimate hotel, Adi and Irit will know your likes and dislikes for a truly tailored experience.

23 Yavne Street | +972-3-630-8777 | website

The Diaghilev LIVE ART Boutique Hotel

Not your "ordinary" hotel, the Diaghilev is in a Tel Aviv neighborhood, just a few short blocks from Rothschild. This hotel is a great choice for families on a budget because you can get big units with unique character for reasonable prices.

56 Mazeh Street | +972-3-545-3131 | email | website

Hotel Montefiore

A restored 1920s heritage mansion just off Rothschild Boulevard, Hotel Montefiore was one of the first boutique hotels in Israel. It has true style – a world of elegance and charm that feels like old Tel Aviv. The 12-room hotel is known for its luxury touches: original period furnishings, wooden floors, tall windows, black marble-appointed bathrooms, deluxe linens, a multi-language library, a chauffeur-driven limo and spa services.

+972-3-564-6100 | email | website

The Norman Tel Aviv

The biggest and busiest of all the boutique hotels, there's always something happening at The Norman Tel Aviv. Located in two restored 1920s buildings, this hotel feels like an oasis – mostly due to the beautiful rooftop pool. Although the prices at this hotel are not cheap, no expense is spared for the luxury amenities available for you to enjoy.

23-25 Nachmani Street | +972-3-543-5555 or 1-800-398-8751 | email | website

The Rothschild Hotel

An iconic building in Tel Aviv, The Rothschild Hotel is a 23-room hotel that strives to preserve both the environment and the history of Tel Aviv. Situated on the main boulevard, the Rothschild combines intimate atmosphere with an impeccable attention to detail in its design – transplanting you into a different era during your stay. In addition, the hotel displays the work from Tel Aviv's most promising artists and designers.

96 Rothschild Boulevard | +972-3-957-8888 | email | website

The Rothschild 71

Located in a historical Bauhaus-style building constructed in 1943, the Rothschild 71 strives to preserve the Tel Aviv of a different era. The style at this boutique hotel is intended to feel like home – for example, with no formal reception desk, guests are encouraged to check-in anywhere in the "living room," which serves drinks and cookies all day long. Not as posh as the other boutique hotels, the Rothschild 71 goes above and beyond to give its guests everything that they should need.

Maia's Tip: Breakfast isn't served on the premises; however, as a guest of the hotel, you can have breakfast at three local restaurants.

71 Rothschild Boulevard | +972-3-629-0555 | email | website 

The Varsano

One of the first boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, The Varsano is located in a different section of town – right on trendy Neve Tzedek on Shabazi Street. On a street lined with cafes and designer boutiques, The Varsano is not far from the restored train station, the beach and Old Jaffa. Here, there are 8 rooms/suites decorated in a rustic villa style. Although the hotel itself does not have a restaurant, there are plenty of dining options nearby.

15 Hevrat Shass Street | +972-77-554-5500 | email | website


What to eat

BlueSky (Kosher Dairy)

Everything about this gourmet restaurant is state of the art. On the roof of the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv, you get a view of the city. BlueSky is the brainchild of Meir Adoni, a chef considered to be the leader of elite cuisine in Israel for the last decade.

10 Eliezer Peri Street | +972-03-520-1830 | website


Another Meir Adoni restaurant, Catit is a great, intimate place for a special occasion. Although the menu is small, each dish is so intricate – full of different flavors, textures and colors – that every mouthful is a sensory explosion. Catit isn’t your ordinary restaurant – rather, it’s a culinary journey.

57 Nahlat Binyamin | +972-03-510-7001 | website

Chatzer Goldman

Although the food here is good, the real magic of Chatzer Goldman comes when you sit on the deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The menu here is Mediterranean comfort food. Reservations are recommended.

6 Goldman Street | +972-3-682-2111 | website

The Container

The Container in the Jaffa Port is part bar, part club, part concert venue and part restaurant. A quirky place, Container is a great choice for drinks and dinner in Jaffa Port.

Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port | email | website

Deca (Kosher Dairy)

Located a bit off the beaten path in southeast Tel Aviv, Deca has great food, a cool ambiance and an extensive wine list. A unique experience, Deca even has a private room – just the right size for small, private events!

10 HaTa'assiya Street | +972-03-562-9900 | website

Fortuna del Mar

Nestled in the Tel Aviv Marina right behind the Carlton Hotel, Fortuna del Mar is a lesser-known restaurant perfect for a relaxing evening. Whether you want to share a nice bottle of wine or have a seafood dinner, Fortuna del Mar truly makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Tel Aviv Marina | +972-03-523-6730 | website

Herbert Samuel

Herbert Samuel has it all – food, valet parking and atmosphere. Convenient to those staying at the David Intercontinental Hotel, the food here is the most creative you will find in Tel Aviv. Reservations are recommended.

6 Koifman Street | +972-03-516-6515 | website

Itzik HaGadol

Itzik HaGadol is one of those places you can get classic Middle Eastern food – skewers of meat, pitas, hummus, tehina and more. With warm service and a great wine selection, this restaurant is a good choice to fulfill your craving for shishlik.

3 David Raziel Street | +972-57-943-8970 | email | website

Kitchen Market

Kitchen Market has a unique Tel Aviv vibe combined with incredibly fresh and creative dishes with a specialization in seafood. If you're looking for a small, intimate place, Kitchen Market is not the one as it can get a little loud.

Hanger 12 Tel Aviv Port  | +972-3-544-6669 | website

Manta Ray

You can't get closer to the water than Manta Ray. One of the most popular restaurants in Israel, you can enjoy a big tray of mazzetim (small plates) before diving into their creative seafood menu. Reservations are required.

Maia's Tip: Get closest to the water by requesting a table in the "first row."

Alma Beach near the Etzel Museum | +972-03-517-4773 | website


Ranked as one of the 80 best restaurants by Conde Nast, Messa is the brainchild of self-trained Chef Moshe Aviv. The food here is difficult to categorize – it features a mixture of French, Italian, Middle Eastern and Western. A trendy restaurant, go to Messa for a culinary adventure.

19 Haarbaa Street | +972-03-685-6859 | website


The food at Popina is truly outstanding. Here, you can try a tasting menu, which you can pair with specially-designed cocktails.

3 Ehad Ha'am Street | +972-03-575-7477 | website


Go to Raphael if you would like to "dress up." With a view that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the food here is a mixture of Moroccan, French and Mediterranean.

87 Ha'yarkon Street | +972-03-522-6464


Yulia is a good restaurant in the Tel Aviv Port – it features a "more sophisticated" vibe than other restaurants in this neighborhood.

Hangar 2 | +972-053-943-9386 | website


Nammos is the best restaurant in the Herzeliya Marina. They specialize in sushi, but have other assorted dishes to choose from. What makes this restaurant special is the view – right on the water, surrounded by the boats in the marina.

1 Shell (Yacht Club) | +972-057-942-6820 | website

Yam 7

Yam 7 is built into the side of a cliff underneath the Dan Acadia in Herzeliya. The menu ranges from great hummus and tehina to salads and seafood. Not a gourmet choice, the atmosphere here is spectacular.

+972-09-956-6950 | email | website


Although the location is difficult to get to without a car, Turkiz is a trendy restaurant that many celebrities enjoy.

Herz Roznblum Street 6 | +972-3-699-6303


What to do

Ha Tachana

Visit Ha Tachana – the renovated train compound, which now features restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, cultural exhibitions and other activities for the whole family. Located in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, it's easy to get here by the Dan bus lines.

Located on 1 Koifmann Street. Visit their website.

Ha Studia

Want to do something in Jaffa that connects with your artistic side? Ha Studia was founded based on the belief that leading a conscious, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is truly a way of life – Ha Studia promotes these ideas through enabling the pursuit of creativity for both individuals and the community.

Visit their website.

Independence Hall

Located on the historic Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Independence Hall, originally the Dizengoff House, is the site of the signing of Israel's Declaration of Independence. In the main hall of the building, at on May 14, 1948, in the presence of the members of the Vaad Leumi (Jewish National Council) and the leaders of the Yishuv, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel, eight hours before the British Mandate of Palestine was due to end. After Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of Independence, Rabbi Fischman (Maimon) recited the Shehecheyanu blessing, and the Declaration was signed. The ceremony concluded with the singing of Hatikvah, now Israel's national anthem.

Visit their website.


Come to Sheinkin Street and take a cooking class! Mitbachi – which translates to "my kitchen" – was opened in 2012 by Canadian olah, Tamar Fradkin. Mitbachi has since hosted dozens of chefs, hundreds of different classes and thousands of participants looking for a hands-on connection to the food they love to eat.

Visit their website.

Palmach Museum

The Palmach Museum is an experience that connects you emotionally and mentally to the young men and women who fought to defend and build the State of Israel. A great museum for all ages, be sure to book ahead.

For reservations, email or call the museum at +972-3-643-6393. Visit their website.

Ayalon Institute

Tours at the Ayalon Institute begin with a film, which serves as an excellent backdrop to expand on your guide's commentary. After the film, you tour the kibbutz, which has been preserved to give you an understanding of the environment in 1945-1948. During that time, the kibbutz served as an illegal bullet making factory. Those who worked underground produced more than 2.25 million bullets, acting as volunteers for a secret mission for the future of the Jewish homeland. Walk away from Ayalon with awe and admiration for the strength, fortitude and passionate commitment of those early pioneers. There are guided tours in English; reserve in advance.

For reservations, call +972-08-930-0585 or visit their website.

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