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Where to stay


Called the "Crater Hotel," Beresheet is built in one of the most beautiful and tranquil places on earth – on the edge of Ramon Crater in the Central Negev town of Mitzpe Ramon. It is a place to relax in luxury while you enjoy the view, the spa, the eco-friendly environment and the fabulous food! Beresheet is a good base to explore the Negev, to get away from it all and to enjoy the magic of the desert. Trying to relax? Take the Crater Top Room with a pool – it's impossible to be unrelaxed there. Don't forget the bar – with a cozy fire burning in the winter and amazing views all year long, you won't want to leave!

+972-8-638-7799 | website

Carmei Avdat Farm

Dreaming of a private cabin in a remote winery in the Negev Desert? Try Carmei Avdat. Your hosts are Hannah and Eyal Izrael, the founders of Carmey Avdat – one of the farms established on the Wine Route in the Negev. The farm is located on the remains of a 1500-year old agricultural settlement on the path of the ancient Spice Route.

Even if you choose to stay at a different hotel, Carmei Avdat is worth a visit for the winery alone. It has great wine, fabulous hosts and ensures a memorable visit! 

Phone: +972-8-653-5177 | Fax: +972-8-653-5188 | email | website


What to do

Stalbet Al Ha Mayim at the Dolphin Reef

The Stalbet Al Ha Mayim at the Famous Dolphin Reef in Eliat is a must-see. Stalbet, slang for "hanging out, chilling out and just enjoying," has three pools – one with sea water, one with rain water and one with salt where you can really float. In addition to the pools, there are many different places inside and outside for you to hang out, eat, drink, etc. It's open from early morning until late at night. You do need reservations; each reservation is for two hours.

For reservations, call +972-8-630-0111. Visit their website

Mitzpe Ramon

Originally a town built in the 1950s for workers building the road to Eilat and later settled by Russian immigrants, this sleepy town is at the beginning of something really exciting! For years, it has attracted artists from all over the world who were looking for inspiration from the beauty of the landscape and the laid back desert atmosphere. Lately, young Israelis from all over the country and the new Zionist pioneers have traveled here looking to build. 


The Negev, a desert and semi-desert region in southern Israel, covers more than half of Israel – over 4,700 square miles. Named as one of the world's top regional travel destinations, it is a rocky desert made of brown, dusty mountains and punctuated by wadis (dry riverbeds that bloom briefly after rain) and deep craters. It can be split into five different ecological regions: northern, western, central Negev, the high plateau (Ramat Ha Negev) and the Aravah Valley. An inverted triangle, the western side is contiguous with the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the eastern border is the Aravah Valley parallel to Jordan. The region's largest city and administrative capital is Beersheva (pop. 195,000) in the northern Negev. The Gulf of Aqaba and the resort city of Eilat are situated at the southern end. The Negev contains several development towns, including Dimona, Arad and Mitzpe Ramon, as well as a number of small Bedouin cities, including Rahat and Tel as-Sabi. There are also several kibbutzim, including Revivim and Sde Boker; the latter became the home of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, after his retirement from politics. 

Negev Wine Route

Several farms have recently been established in the mountains of the Negev within the framework of the unique project known as "The Wine Route in the Negev." The objective of this project is to reconstruct the agriculture and life style that once existed along the Spice Route in ancient times.

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