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Where to stay

Mitzpe Hayamim (Galilee)

I got the best massage of my life at Mizpe Hayamim. Mizpe Hayamim – a hotel, spa and organic farm perched on a cliff surrounded by trees and lush gardens – is located in the Galilee between Rosh Pina and Tzfat, north of the Sea of Galilee. If you need to relax, their spa offers incredible massages. In addition, excellent dining options are on the premises. Mitzpe Hayamim is perfect for an adult-only getaway; no kids under 11 are allowed.

Maia's Tip: Check out rooms 334, 335, 701 and 702 for the best views! 

+972-4-699-4555 | Toll Free in Israel: 1-800-555-666 | email | website

Room 1125 (Golan Heights)

Located in Nimrod, the highest village in Israel at 1,125 meters, Room 1125 is owned by a couple, Michal and Diego Goldfarb, who strive to your make your stay as incredible as possible.  First, you can't ignore the view - the edge of a mountain that slopes gently down behind the cabins, perfect for idyllic moments watching the sunsets. Each cabin, personally built by Michal and Diego, has two floors and is stocked with food – nuts, fruit, cereal, wine juice, water, chocolate and an espresso machine. There is a "parents" room with a jacuzzi and a "kids" room, which can sleep two to four kids. With a bathroom on each level, free Wi-Fi, a wide screen television, a stereo system, a wood burning stove, games, books and magazines, this place really feels like home.  Great for a couple or a family, Room 1125 is only minutes from Mt. Hermom and an hour from Tzfat.

Maia's Tip: Interested in art? Diego will gladly give you a tour of his gallery or an art lesson! 

+972-57-432-2983 | email | website


What to do

De Karina Chocolate (Golan Heights)

Calories won't count when you taste this chocolate!  Made in the cutest chocolate factory in Ein Zivan Kibbutz, the establishment, owned by Argentine immigrants who are third-generation chocolatiers, includes a boutique and café. You can lounge in the café or you can do a tour and a tasting. All of their chocolates are handmade and it is kosher lemehadrin.

Maia's Tip: Want to do a chocolate making workshop? Make a reservation in advance!

Reservations: Ruth Sade, Visitor Center Manager | +972-4-699-3622 | email | website


In 67 AD, at the beginning of the first Jewish Rebellion against Rome, Gamla was overrun by Roman soldiers and more than 9,000 Jews chose to jump off the mountain rather than face subjugation by the Romans - giving Gamla the title "The Masada of the North." Gamla, which means camel in Hebrew, overlooks the Sea of Galilee. Built on a steep hill, the ancient city is now a nature reserve and an archaeological site. It's one of the most interesting places to visit in Israel, but, sadly, it is left off of most people’s itineraries.



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