Baltimore Diller Teen Fellows

The Baltimore Diller Teen Fellows is an international partnership that inspires and empowers Jewish teens to be active, effective leaders.

Diller teens receive a strong Jewish identity, a sense of belonging to their community, the Jewish people and Israel and a responsibility to the betterment of the world.

The program is based on the following four pillars:

Jewish Identity: Participants examine and reflect on their sense of Jewish identity in order to understand how their history, traditions and values motivate them to act in the world.  They gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish, both individually and collectively. 

Tikkun Olam: Fellows will create and facilitate ongoing service projects in non-profit organizations in Baltimore. The Fellows recruit their peers to participate so that more than 200 teens can be involved in service each month.

Leadership: Fellows are challenged to define their strengths, weaknesses and personal leadership goals.  We provide the tools, feedback and mentoring they need to experiment, collaborate and learn from their mistakes. 

Israel: Fellows gain a new perspective on Israel, by creating connections with teens in Baltimore’s partnership city, Ashkelon.  A peak experience of the program is the Israel Summer Seminar. The three-week seminar brings together all participants to engage in the diversity, vibrancy and complex reality of modern Israel.

Key Components:

  • 15-Month program: August 2016-November 2017
  • Opening retreat
  • Monthly Sunday evening workshops 
  • Three Shabbatonim
  • Creation of individual service projects during the 2016-2017 school year and group Impact Projects during the fall of 2017
  • Jewish Community Mifgash: Diller Teen Fellows from Ashkelon, Baltimore’s partnership city in Israel travel to Baltimore for approximately 12 days in March.  Some highlights include:  home hospitality, overnight Shabbaton and evening activities.
  • Israel Summer Seminar: Three-week trip to Israel in July-August 2017.  Some highlights include: a week spent in Ashkelon planned jointly by the Baltimore and Ashkelon teens, visiting sites in Israel, participating in Diller Kennes with 10 North American Diller Communities and participating in Diller Youth Congress with 20 North American and Israel Diller communities

For more information about Diller, email Sam Kahan or call 410-843-7477. 

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