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Silverman family

Mindy Silverman and Talya Knable, IWP Co-Chairs are eager to help women in the community discover what inspires them to lead, give and take action. We asked them to tell us all about The Associated’s Inspired Women’s Project and what makes it the perfect way for women to find their place in the community and The Associated.

Mindy is married to Matt. They have two sons, Ben (13) and Sam (9). Together they rescued a one-year-old Labradane named Bruno who is currently the center of their household. Mindy is a Human Resources Consultant at T. Rowe Price.

Talya Knable

Talya is married to Stephen. They are parents to Jack (6) and Leigh (4). She is a psychotherapist (licensed clinical professional counselor) working in private practice, and also the assistant clinical director of the non-profit Shalom Tikvah.

Q: What is special/unique about IWP? 

Mindy: It is a group of dynamic, inspiring, empowering like-minded moms who experience a unique spiritual yet personal, journey together.  The outcome of this experience and the impact this collective group then has on the broader community is immeasurable.

Talya: It encourages women to learn about themselves not only as women in the community, but as leaders with so much to offer. Women are asking for support in becoming leaders, and I am so glad that we have created a space to allow them to do this and become even more inspired!

Q: What makes traveling with only women different/meaningful? 

Mindy: The energy that comes from the connections made between women is so empowering and sets the foundation for long lasting friendships and support.  There is nothing more powerful than the support and “lift” that women can provide to each other as they go through life’s ups and downs.

Talya: There is something powerful about traveling with only women and especially other mothers. We have a shared life experience that allows us to bond on a deeper level, despite our individual differences.  In my experience, women also tend to be themselves to be more vulnerable when they are with only women, and that vulnerability allows each of us to get so much more about of the trip and experience overall. 

Q: What is your favorite site/place/part of Israel?

Mindy: I’ve only visited once, and it’s almost impossible to choose just one.  I love the modern feel plus the beaches in Tel Aviv, the artsy and quaint vibe of Tzfat, and of course the Kotel and everything about Jerusalem.

Talya: I love the old city of Jerusalem – there is so much history and culture.  I have a ton of memories shopping in the Cardo (in the Jewish Quarter) and each time I am there, it brings me back to those memories.  Ben Yehudah Street in Jerusalem holds great memories as well from my time in Israel as a senior in high school. 

Q: Describe your involvement with The Associated. How/when did it begin? 

Mindy: Informally, it began 20+ years ago as my mother works for Jewish Community Services, an agency of The Associated. More directly, my family volunteers often with The Associated, and about five years ago I became involved with Jewish Professional Women as a part of the planning committee, and then was selected to be a participant in IWP2, and was beyond flattered to then be asked to co-chair IWP3 as a co-chair.    

Talya: I have been involved in The Associated for many years and have head several leadership positions.  I started in my early 20’s after moving to Baltimore and looking for a sense of community. I became involved with IMPACT and the events committee, and it grew from there. 

Q: Do you have any tips/tricks for overseas travel to pass along to the current IWP cohort? Favorite in-flight movie or book to read?   

Mindy: My best advice is do whatever you can to sleep!  The trip is rigorous, and you need your energy!

Talya: The last trip I went on to Israel was with a group of women with the Center for Jewish Education and I spent the flight reading “Oh Crap: Potty Training.” I do not recommend that! I recommend going in with an open mind, be prepared for new experiences, and allow yourself to grow.  

Inspired Women’s Project

The Associated’s Inspired Women’s Project is far more than a trip to Israel. It is about building bonds with other Jewish women all of whom are traveling on a journey together. A journey of self, a journey of our Jewish past and the challenges Israel faces today, and a journey to decide what we are inspired to do in the future as leaders in our community. To learn more, contact Jennifer Millman at or Daniela Levine at

IWP is made possible, in part, with generous support from the Jane Krieger Schapiro Family Foundation, a supporting foundation of The Associated.

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The Associated is a home for everyone in the Baltimore Jewish community. We offer several email lists to help people find a community, engage with their peers and support Jewish journeys around the world.

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