Meet Michele Hayunga

Giving back has always been part of Michele Hayunga’s DNA from her earliest days growing up in Ohio.

That’s why when she moved to Carroll County with her family, she wanted to ensure she ingrained these values in her two young children. One of her first efforts was connecting with Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC) and starting Play Date Together, bringing young families to nursing homes to share songs and stories.

Today, volunteerism is still going strong in the Hayunga family. This year, through JVC, the family sorted baby clothes during Good Deeds Day, an international day of service. They also participated in JVC’s newest initiative, Live with Purpose, monthly volunteer acts that can be done in the home or workplace.

“My husband and I work, and my girls have busy lives,” says Hayunga. “Live with Purpose allows us to volunteer when we have time.”

One of those projects was the Casserole Challenge, and the Hayungas family joined friends to prepare casseroles. Overall, JVC was able to feed more than 1,600 people.

JVC’s volunteer program has many benefits for the Hayunga family. For one, Hayunga says, it provides her family with a chance to connect to the Baltimore Jewish community.

And second, she says, “Volunteering connects my family to Judaism and the Jewish values of making the world a better place to live.”

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