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Debbie Lubliner, a physical therapist at MedStar in Baltimore, grew up in Pikesville. After graduating high school, Debbie left for Washington University in St. Louis to begin a long academic career which included an advanced degree in physical therapy from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.

Yet like many Baltimore natives, the call of home was too strong, and in 1993 she returned with her husband, Jamie, to raise their three children – Adam, Zack and Jenna.

“After being away for college and graduate school, I wanted to move back to Baltimore. Growing up, my immediate and extended family was very close, together for all of the holidays. I wanted to raise my family with that same closeness,” shares Debbie.

Approximately nine years ago, Debbie, who grew up in a Conservative Jewish home with strong Jewish values, became involved in The Associated’s Dor Tikvah, a two-year leadership development program that inspires women to hold key leadership positions within The Associated and throughout the Baltimore Jewish community.

“During my second year of Dor Tikvah I sat on the board of Jewish Community Services (JCS) where I remained actively involved for years,” Debbie explains. “As a physical therapist, I’ve always enjoyed helping people be the best they can be and my work with JCS seemed like an ideal fit.”

Thrilled that she had a role in creating positive change for the Baltimore Jewish community, at the completion of the program, Debbie looked to continue her work with women leadership and philanthropy.

“One of the biggest issues that women still face today,” Debbie says, “is finding work-life balance – being able to achieve goals professionally and within our families.”

The Associated’s Jewish Professional Women (JPW) group, which Debbie co-chairs, helps career-minded women network, learn and grow both professionally and personally.

“JPW’s events vary but the common theme is the programs allow women to network, reflect, and walk away with inspiration and information, all with a Jewish twist,” says Debbie. “JPW allows me to connect with other Jewish professional women, to learn from them, to discuss common goals and struggles. JPW is also a great introduction to The Associated for a lot of women who have never been involved in the organization. I hope by coming to our events, as an added benefit, women gain a better understanding of the crucial role The Associated serves in the lives of Jewish people in Baltimore and around the world.”

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