Excited for Gramp Camp! His and Her Tales of Jewish Camp

By Ann Abramson

When I first went to camp, I was 10 years old, going into the 5th grade. I won’t say what year it was but my favorite TV show at the time was Father Knows Best. I was excited to go to Chimney Corners in the Berkshires.

I knew I was going to be okay because I went with my best friend from home and I had cousins that lived nearby. Before getting to camp, I was so excited to show my camp friends how I learned to cartwheel and do front walkovers. Since camp was in Massachusetts, but I was from Connecticut, I relished that my bunkmates were from other parts of the United States like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, as well as Massachusetts and Connecticut.

My favorite part of sleepover camp was the comraderies that were created with my bunkmates, and all the adventures we’d have in the outdoors like, riding horses, archery, tennis, hiking, water sports and more. I loved it all!

When my children were younger, it was a pleasure to send them to Jewish camp because I knew they would love it as much as I did, and I am happy to say, I wasn’t wrong. The best part of sending them to a Jewish camp was the added bonus of Jewish tradition sprinkled throughout their time there. They became friends with Jewish children from other areas and not only expanded their friendship circles but grew those friendships into a real community of people who still keep in touch.

Now I have the pleasure of being Granny Annie and I’m over the moon excited that my 9-year-old granddaughter is going to Jewish sleepover camp for the very first time this summer! I know she’s going to have a great time creating her own new community.

This summer also marks a first for my grandchildren and me as we’re registered to attend Pearlstone’s very first Gramp Camp from August 13-14! I can’t believe I’m going to have the opportunity to share a camp experience with my grandchildren! What an amazing idea by the Jewish Grandparents Network! The minute I heard about Gramp Camp, I knew I wanted to register and get involved with the planning of this special program! I’m rapt with anticipation to make memories with my grandchildren which will be memories we will all cherish forever.

I’m excited to share songs, campfires, hikes and connect with other grandparents in the beautiful surroundings of Pearlstone. Who knows, I might even get my courage to zipline over the lake!

The best part is that I can have as much adventure or relaxing time as I want at Gramp Camp. All the meals are Kosher and I know Pearlstone accommodates all food allergies, so I’m relieved that there will be something for everyone at mealtime…even time to schmooze and laugh with other grandparents. And who knows where those connections will lead!

I hope everyone will register to join me and my grandchildren at Pearlstone’s first ever Gramp Camp this summer! I’ll even get you started by sharing the registration link: pearlstonecenter.org/GrampCamp See you this summer!

Gramp Camp from a Guy’s Point of View

By Gil Abramson

I exclusively went to Jewish camp as a child living in Massachusetts. It was at Camp Young Judea in New Hampshire that I spent 11 of the best summers of my life.

The real mixing bowl of Jews happens at camp…

I was 11 years old and raised in Yeshiva and everyone knew my father. The best thing about camp for me was that I learned that you could be Jewish and not be strictly Orthodox to be Jewish. During the year, Yeshiva taught me Torah and Gemara, and Camp taught me about Israel and Zionism! Israel was brand new and there was a lot to learn.

When my children were younger, we sent them to Jewish camp and they, too, had very special Jewish camping experiences. The real mixing bowl of Jews happens at camp as children meet new friends from different Jewish backgrounds and different types of Jewish education, from all over.

This summer, I’m overjoyed to share a Jewish camping experience with my grandchildren at Pearlstone’s very first ever Gramp Camp from August 13-14. What a great idea by the Jewish Grandparents Network!

I’m excited to have a nice Jewish experience outside of the home. You can make a Jewish experience wherever you are, and Pearlstone provides the perfect background. More than any activity offered—and there are many—I’m excited to just spend time with my grandchildren and see how they react to the whole camp-like experience when their parents aren’t around.

I hope everyone that can, registers for Pearlstone’s Gramp Camp. It will benefit all the generations present.

I still talk to my camp friends 50 years later, and I hope my grandchildren will make connections as well.

If interested in attending camp with your grandchildren, register at pearlstonecenter.org/GrampCamp.

Gramp Camp is made possible in partnership with the Jewish Grandparents Network and the financial support of The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds.

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