Addressing Food Insecurity in Our Own Backyard

Access to food is a social justice issue. Even before the coronavirus disrupted our lives, millions of people nationwide struggled with being able to afford adequate amounts of nutritious food.

On this episode of Pull Up A Chair we talk with Ashley Pressman, the executive director of the Jewish Volunteer Connection, and Natanya Rabinowitz, the executive director of Charm City Care Connection, about how COVID-19 has increased the number of people in our community, dealing with the challenge of food security.

“When the pandemic hit, people were cut off from all services in the city. You can’t use a bathroom in a Starbucks. You can’t wash up in a 7-11. You can’t access meals in normal places. People just kind of instantly were cut off from all of the very basic human services that they needed to get by with any semblance of dignity.”  ~ Natanya Rabinowitz

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