6 Israeli TV Shows/Movies
to Binge-Watch

With frigid temperatures and winter winds blowing outside, it’s a great time to stay warm curled up under your favorite blanket and stream some of the most popular shows imported from Israel. Did you know that Israel is not only known as the start-up nation but is also viewed as the go-to nation for original drama?

These six Israeli shows/movies are fast becoming “must see” among our top, online preferences.

Fauda (Netflix) Fauda, which means “chaos” in Arabic, is partly based on the Israeli army experiences of creator and star Lior Raz (Doron Kavillio) who is serving in the Duvdevan Unit, famous for its undercover operations. Having retired, Kavillio finds himself pulled back into his old unit in an effort to capture a notorious terrorist.

The Beauty and The Baker (Amazon Prime) The Beauty and The Baker, a romantic comedy, tells the unlikely love story between Noa Hollander (Rotem Sela), one of the richest and most beautiful women in Israel and Amos Dahari (Aviv Alush), a 28-year-old baker who still lives at home with his family. The series is by the same Israeli company behind global hit, Homeland.

When Heroes Fly (Netflix) This dramatic thriller follows four former army buddies who reunite in the Colombian jungle on a quest to rescue the former lover of one man and sister of another — who had been presumed dead years before. The story of fighting for life and overcoming personal demons to find peace, is based on a book of the same name.

Shtisel (Netflix) This Israeli family drama is set in the ultra-Orthodox heart of Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood and weaves together the raw, complex and intensely human stories of varying members of a multi-generational Haredi family in modern Israel.

False Flag (Hulu) This thrilling drama series, revolves around five ordinary Israelis who wake up one morning and discover that their names, faces, and personal details have been splashed across the world’s media on suspicion of involvement in a high-profile kidnapping.

The Wedding Plan (Amazon Prime) This is a hilarious Israeli romantic comedy about an Orthodox woman whose fiancé bows out on the eve of her wedding. She refuses to cancel the wedding arrangements and begins her quest to find a new husband in 30 days.

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